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What is Honor Roll?

Honor roll is a compile list of the best students or performers displayed in a public place for the sake of honor or acknowledgement. The honor roll sometimes spelt as honour roll according to the British English, contain the names of people who have achieved a lot in their various career path, or whom has contributed to the society hence need to be recognized as such. According to define honor roll as a list of students who have earned grades above a specific average during a semester or school year. That is in some colleges or universities, the best students are selected by the school according to their grades at the end of the semester or school session then listed as honor roll students for that academic year.

honor roll gpa

This honorary achievement is normally given to students as a mark of respect for their ability and exceptional performance in academics. Today we shall explain the following terms which includes Honor roll awards, how honor roll system works, honor roll grades explained etc.

Honor Roll Awards

Honor roll award comes in various types according to the achievements of the student or person receiving the award. The award can be inform of medals, Pins, trophies, certificates, buttons, stickers, diploma covers, frames and display boards, t-shirts, folders, diary, seals, ribbons, recognition and incentives, plagues, embossers, medal accessories, pin accessories, academics, citizenship, honor roll, stock certificates, student recognition, service, pencils and pens, participation, graduate items, star awards, value items, paw awards, testing awards and incentives, professional recognition and many others including recognized events or actions.

Whatever an honor roll award is, the purpose is to recognize the awardee for their outstanding performances and service which is regarded as exceptional. Honorary award are not only given to students in academics, they are also given to other special category of persons in music, performing arts, athletes, service men, scientific discovery, and any other profession or career path that has contributed a lot to the society through research and development.

How Honor Roll System Works

The honor roll system is used for the purpose of recognizing the academic achievement of students and awarding them for their exceptional performance.

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Honor Roll Grade Explained

Honor roll grade are considered based on the students’ performance grades in school. We have High honor roll and honor roll grades. A student will be listed on the High honor roll sometimes called principal’s honor roll only if they make all A’s in their courses. But a student who earn A’s and B’s grade with at least one C will be placed on the Honor Roll list. We shall explain it below:

Honor Roll with Distinction: Students who earns A’s in all courses and have a GPA of 4.0 or above.

High Honor Roll: Students who earn A’s and B’s in their courses with no grade below B and a GPA of 3.50 +.

Honor Roll: Students who earn a B average in all courses with no grade below C and a GPA of 3.0 – 3.49.

Honor Roll Student

An honor roll student is a student who is recognized for his or her outstanding academic achievement listed on published periodicals throughout the school year. Known as honor rolls, the student are listed on the school magazine as a mark of respect to their exceptional performance.

How to Get High Honor Roll Grade in School

To get on the high honor roll grade in school, you must be a serious student that make straight A’s in all your courses to make the list.

Who Gets on the Honors Roll List?

Many student tend to ask this question ‘How do I get on the Honor Roll?’ To get on the honor roll list as a student, you will have to meet up with the requirements set by your school. Each college or university has her own honor roll requirements for recognizing the academic achievement of her students.

Warren Hills Regional High School listed the following requirement for the honor roll list.

Principal’s Honor Roll
All grades must be an A that is 90 marks and above.

High Honor Roll
All grades must be a B that is 83 marks or better and a grade average of A- 90 must be attained.

Honor Roll
All grades must be a B-80 or better and a grade average of B 83 must be attained.

So if a student wants to be on the honor’s roll list, you must have to score at least a B in all your courses.

The Magnolia Junior High School honor roll requirements includes the following;
A student must have at least 3.0 GPA on a trimester report card and no unsatisfactory grades in citizenship a.k.a No “U”s.

Then the Honor Rolls Ranks are as follows:
Bronze = 3.00 to 3.49 GPA
Silver = 3.50 to 3.99 GPA
Gold = 4.00 GPA (straight As)

The Honor Roll Prizes includes:
Bronze Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, tardy pass, homework pass, and leave early to lunch the last Friday of every month.

Silver Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, homework pass, tardy pass, front of the line pass, free gram, and leave early to lunch every other Friday.

Gold Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, 2 homework passes, tardy pass, 2 front of the line passes, free dance concession item or free gram, and a leave early to lunch every Friday.
All honor students are recognized during the trimester academic rallies of the school.

For Portville Central School, they consider all courses towards the honor roll. Her eligibility for honors is that, a student must have an average of 85. High honors – a student must have a 92 average. So for awarding an Honor and High honor certificates, a student must maintain an 85 average or better for the first three semester period.

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Also note that you can be denied of this achievement if your attitude is uncooperative and a student can be eliminated from the honors roll list distinction due to poor attitude. So make sure you maintain a good character and take your studies seriously.

9 Reasons why Student Fail Exam after Studying so Hard

Most students usually fail exams despite reading and studying hard due to some common reasons. But the major reason for student failure in their exams is due to poor preparations toward their examinations. As a college student, whenever you don’t do well in your papers, both your parents and close associates would want to believe that it is because you failed to read and study hard. But unfortunately, the truth is not only failure to read and prepare well for exams is the reason for poor performances in school. Today, we will share, explore and expose some of the reasons student fail examinations despite reading and studying hard.

student fail exams

During my research on the causes of student failure in exams despite preparing hard, I came across the following popular keywords some students search for which includes: Reasons for failure of student, 25 reasons students fail college. This reveals that there is a problem that need solution. So if you are one of those looking for the solution to student failure in school despite studying hard, then you are reading the right article.

It is pertinent to note that, so many unfortunate circumstances can hinder one’s success in college as a student if you don’t take precautionary measures to avoid them. They might be harmless to you, but could be used by exam invigilators to frustrate you. Some of these habits are developed by the student themselves which later turns out to affect their performances in class.

Below are the list of factors that led to student failure in examination despite preparing so hard.

1. Reading only for Exams

Most average and poor students don’t seems to develop a good reading habit in them. They only tend to read when the exams are approaching. They relax too well and believe they can catch up with the time before the exams starts. This kind of attitude is very poor for a student. Reading makes you more expose, expand your horizon and keep your brain healthy and alert.

Your brain also tend to understand quickly when you read all the time. But if you only read for exams, you put more pressure to your brain and you are likely to forget what you read in the exam hall.

2. No Study Plan

Reading without a study plan is never a good habit to develop as a student. It is very important to develop one especially when you have a wide area of subjects to cover before the exams. Don’t just read any topic you come across, make sure you follow them chronologically in other to understand the concept well. By developing a proper reading plan, you should be able to cover your syllabus in time. Failure to develop a good study plan will lead to a disorganize reading and comprehension.

3. Poor Reading Habit

A poor reading is when you hardly concentrate when reading your books. The consequences of poor reading habit is sleeping while reading, repeating sentences severally without understanding and been distracted while reading. These acts are very common to students and when not curb, will affect your reading habit. When you nurture these poor reading habits, you tend to find it very difficult understanding what you are reading. You will discover that you read hard but still struggle to answer questions during examinations.

4. Cheating and Exam Malpractice

Cheating and exam malpractice is one of the worst attitude you should develop as a student. Cheating during examination is big offense in any part of the world and can lead to student expulsion from school when caught. Apart from been caught and expelled, cheating in the exams makes you a coward and dull student. You begin to think you can always cheat your way out of difficult situation when ideally you are supposed to proffer solutions. The purpose of exams is to test your knowledge and understanding but cheating defeats that purpose.

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5. Burning Midnight Candle

Burning the midnight candle simply means reading a bulk of books overnight to the exam day. This is the time most student consider very serious to read when in actually sense, it is the time you should take a break and relax your brain. Burning midnight candle only put your brain under pressure which the resultant effect will be forgetting what you actually read the next day during exams. It occurs mostly when you have not been reading but suddenly feel the need to read all that matters that night before the exams.

6. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is also one of the major reasons student perform very poor in their exams. When you don’t have confidence in yourself, you find it very difficult answering questions in class. You always think that your answers are wrong then you keep them to yourself. This kind of attitude can affect your performance in the exams negatively even when you think you have study hard and prepare well for the exams.

7. Lackadaisical Attitude towards Exam Rules

Lackadaisical attitude includes coming late to the exam hall, not reading and adhering to the examination rules and regulations, making noise during exams, moving from one desk to another, exchanging examination question paper and scripts, forgetting your exam card, not registering for a course, etc. all these nonchalant act can make you fail your exams even when you seem to study hard for the exams.

8. Failure to Meet Examination Requirements

Each college or university have her own examination requirements students have to meet up before been allowed to write the exams. If you don’t meet up these requirements, even when you read and study hard, you will still not pass your exams. Some of the requirements includes not attending 70 percent of lectures, failure to write assessment test or submit assignments, coming to the exam hall very late, not paying your tuition and exam fee. Make sure you adequately meet up these requirements before you go in to write your papers.

9. Not Been Prayerful

Most people believe in prayers while the non-religious people don’t. Although the sad truth is that you can’t rely only on prayers to pass your exam. You need to work hard first, then commit your hard work to bear fruits through prayers. God still answer prayers but you don’t have to neglect your part. Commit everything in God’s hands through prayers and you will pass your papers in flying colors.

So if you want to be a serious student and come out with successful grades in college, then you need to avoid these reasons listed above or any other ones that are preventing your success in school. You will definitely start seeing positive change towards your academic activities. Hope you find this article useful.

How to be Successful in College as a Student

Learning how to be successful in college is one of the most important steps every serious student need to consider before going to school. Most students have a vague understanding on how to plan academically and this usually cause a lot of problems for them. For example, you need to know how to study effectively for exams and prepare the necessary academic materials for your courses before the exam time table comes out. Doing this gives you a bold step ahead of your examiners. You also have the courage not to panic as the exams approaches.

student success skills

Students seems to panic with some having exam fevers not because they are not brilliant, but simply because they didn't prepare well for the exams by studying hard enough. Nobody is a dull student, you just need to get serious and consider giving your studies a priority over other activities in your life. Been successful in college as a student means hard work, dedication, consistency, practice, diligence and seriousness all sum together and this brings student success.

On today’s topic, we shall be sharing with our readers out there tips on how to be successful in college as a serious student.

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A lot of people ask the following questions: What skills do you need to be successful in college? Others ask how do I succeed in college classes?, How can I be successful in my studies? How can I have a successful semester? Some search for rules for success in college, keys to success in college and whole lots of other questions concerning been a student success in college. Here you will learn all the tips, techniques, tricks, skills and secrets you need to come out with good grades in your subjects. These tips are simple and straight forward but you must consider and practice them to get a good result.

Skills to be a Successful Student in School

College is a place where you invest your time and money so it will be a wise decision to consider it as an investment in the future so that you don’t waste the opportunity by failing. You should study hard and be a successful student to make the most out of your college days by considering the following tips listed below.

1. Good Decision

Make sure you decide on your course of study. It is advisable that you should make a decision on which course you want to study before going to college. Most student don’t consider this to plan well for their career, so they end up reading any course they actually never plan for. When you end up with a course you never thought of, your zeal dwindle and the ability to read and work hard in school becomes a tedious task. So first of all, decide on the course you want to study and then know your subjects well before you be on your way to success in college.

2. Develop a Study Plan

Developing a study plan means preparing academically for college. If you don’t have a study plan as a student, then you are far from achieving the success you desire. A study plan entails sourcing for the right materials, knowing when to read your books and meditating on the topics your read, developing a good reading habit you become accustom to and then having a reading time table you must stick to.

3. Identify Goals and Aspirations

When you identify your goals and aspirations, you know how to get it at the right time. Set out reasonable goals each day and work towards achieving them. For example, you could set a goal of reading at least three topic each day or reading one inspirational novel or book every week. When you set these goals and achieve them, you raise your motivational level high which is encouraging for anyone who want to be a successful student.

4. Prepare Financially

Prepare financially and learn money management skills. One important tips on how to be a successful student in college is your ability to save and manage your finance properly. As a student, 60 percent of your money should be spent on your academics like buying textbooks, study materials, research and other college materials while 20 percent should go for your health, 10 percent for feeding and the rest for miscellaneous. When you organize your financial management in order, you seems to worry less and concentrate more on your studies.

5. Consider Time Management

Time management is also one of the most important skills to consider as a serious student. Student who make straight A’s and come out with good grades and results are good time managers. Make a reading timetable and make sure you start reading in time. Don’t spend too much time doing things that are unprofitable. Consider your time most important and value them.

6. Attend Lectures and be Consistent

Student success is determine by your attendance in lectures and how consistent you are. Most teachers or lecturers discuss how they want their questions answered in the exams, and these tips are very important to know. But if you don’t attend classes, you will definitely miss out such great tips. some teachers also take attendance very serious so you don't need to be found skipping classes.

7. Take and Review Notes

Make sure you update all your written notes, review them for corrections and spellings. Check the grammatical errors and mistakes you made when taking down notes and correct them before you start reading them for exams. this practice makes you understand better and get prepared well.

8. Scavenge for Materials and Resources

A successful student in college is one who scavenge for materials a lot. If you want to be a successful student, make sure you imbibe this attitude too. Scavenging for materials and resources means searching all corners of the library for what you are looking for till you find it.

9. Seek for Advice

You might be a lot confused in your first few days in college choosing the right subject combination and electives. You should ask for advice from the academic advisor or fellow students who are your seniors. Asking questions when you are confused can help you settle down quickly to concentrate on your studies. Make friends with experience students in your field and get along with them.

10. Develop a Perfect Study Technique

Every student have their study techniques that work for them. Develop yours, find what works for you and stick to it. Persistence and continuous practice is what makes one a successful student in college.

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Although, all these tips are not hard and fast rules on becoming a successful student in college but practicing all or few of them can give you a great result in your studies. You can come out top in your class as the best student, win prizes and appear on the honor roll list of your school. The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. Make it now and be a successful student in your school.

So what other skills do you suggest on how to be successful in college as a student? Please tell us in the comment below as your contribution here. We value them much. Thank you.

Unilorin Latest News on Resumption Date for Fresh and Returning Students 2018/2019 Academic Session

Unilorin latest news on resumption date for fresh and returning students 2018/2019 session had been announced by the school management. This information is meant for all fresh and returning students of the University of Ilorin regarding the announcement of the resumption date for the commencement of 2018/2019 academic session.

According to my school gist reportage on Unilorin latest news update, that the school management announced the commencement of their new academic session 2018/2019 to be on Monday 15th October, 2018 while the date for returning students was said commence on Monday 29th October 2018 which is after two weeks.

However, this information came to be false since the school portal is yet to be access for returning students. Myschoolbam have received latest news that the resumption date for University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) freshers and returning students for the 2018/2019 academic session has been delayed by the school management due to some circumstances which was not disclosed to the public.

Although we were made to understand that the Student Union and the school management have been in series of meetings deliberating over how the school should consider the convenience of the teeming students under their list of priority. It has also come to our notice that the school is yet to release their admission list for 2018/2019 because the names of candidates who accept and those who reject their admission offer from JAMB CAPS login portal are still been processed.

But rumors has it that information will soon be released through the UNILORIN school portal regarding this issue. Hopefully they should notify the public by the end of October or beginning of November.

Moreover, all returning and new students should get prepared for the commencement of the new session and also not that, payment of school fees, acceptance fee and other necessary fees would begin immediately. And after two weeks of resumption, students will be allowed to apply for hostel accommodation which has been renovated recently.

Meanwhile, we will try our best to provide you all with unilorin latest news updates and other information on tertiary institutions as we receive them straight from the source. So we enjoin you to keep checking our website for fresh updates about your school. We also wish you a successful session ahead. Shun cultism, violence and take your education serious.

9 important reasons why to study hard in school

The importance to study hard in school is very vital to all serious students especially if they are planning to make good grades in their courses. In one of our articles here on, we discussed 10 study tips for serious students which i encourage you to read it as well. But today, we shall talk about why it is important to study hard in college. One of the most popular questions college students ask is 'why is it so important to study hard in school?' or Why should we study hard in school when we can easily get our certificate with straight A’s written on it? Some students even hold the opinion that it is better to study smart than studying hard in school.

study hard quotes

But the truth is that, you work hard to gain mastery over what you want to achieve. Have you ever wonder why musicians rehearse their songs over and over again? Have you also wonder why dancers had to practice their dance steps repeatedly before any live performance? This practice makes you perfect during your performance.

So as a student, it is very important to study hard because it helps you succeed and also keep you more motivated to learn. Others consider some inspirational quotes for students in other to learn faster. In this article, we will share 9 reasons why it is so important to work hard in your studies and take your education more serious.

Important reasons to Study Hard as a Student

1. Studying Hard makes you an above Average Student

Most students in school want to be excellent but don’t want to study hard to achieve that. They don’t realize that the habit they cultivate in terms of today’s learning is connected to tomorrow’s opportunities. Your attitude to hard work today will determine how industrious you become in future and we all need to learn that from school. School is an environment for learning new things and developing our character as scholars.

If you want to be an excellent student in school, hard work is a virtue you must have to develop. Making straight A’s in your subjects to stay above average in school is only achieved when you study hard in college instead of working smart.

2. Hard Work adds Value to your Life

Reading a lot as a student develops a long lasting value in your life. It makes one creative and able to quickly find solution to challenges in life. When you study hard, you develop your brain as well which suddenly become interesting and fun. When students study hard in school, they learn knowledge and develop reading skills which help build their confidence and self-esteem. The secret behind research and development is studying hard.

3. Studying Hard makes you develop Quickly

As a kid, studying hard help you develop quickly in your academic pursuit. It makes you intelligent and you perform well in your examinations which lead to good grades. You easily gain double promotion and scale through middle and high school smoothly. As a result of working hard in your studies, you become consistent in your academic success which increases the likelihood of gaining admission into colleges and universities at a youth age. You also stand a good chance getting scholarships and grants from your school.

4. Your Brain becomes Sharper

The amount of hard work you put on your academics makes your brain develops. The brain is elastic and it grows and develops depending on how you feed it with information. So develop that reading habit at a tender age and see how wonderful your knowledge and intellect improves with time.

5. Studying Hard makes you Hard Working

This is one of the major reasons why scholarships and college grants are offered to student who study hard and make good grades in school. College scholarships are not given to the under privilege but to students who work hard to make brilliant results. Such students also stand on a greater chance to grab job opportunities after graduation because their excellent result testifies for their hard work.

6. You become a Scholar

Working hard in school leads to a long lasting habit of intellectual research. Your reading skills, social skills, mental development etc. improves as a result of the hard work you put into it. When you are a master, you easily succeed in the field you work hard to be and achieve what matters to you. You only attain the height of Professor in your field through hard work.

7. You Find Passion Through Hard Work

What you tend to be passionate about is discovered through your hard working in life. Many people discover their future and build their career goals to reality through hard work. And you can only develop it why learning to study hard in school.

8. It Helps you get your Dream Job

Graduating with excellent result either from high school, college or university keeps you on a high position to get your dream job. Education is key to your success in life and it all boils down to your hard work in your studies during school days.

9. It Empowers us to make a Difference in the World

Working hard in school gives us the opportunity to help people within our environment through research and development. When you study hard in school, it builds our enabling character to contribute to the lives of individuals through our formal roles such as doctors, nurses, lawyers etc. and informal role such as when we volunteer to tutor people how to live a better life through organizing health, career, agricultural seminars and workshops. Students who study hard are a potential useful tool in the community. Let’s strive to be one.


For the serious students who wish to develop a good academic status while in school, you can consider reading and practicing some study hard tips, study hard quotes, study motivational quotes as well as inspirational quotes for students. Other areas you can as well consider developing yourself is through motivational quotes for students which you can find here on You can also consider developing yourself through inspirational quotes for work, proverbs for students, encouraging words for students and funny study quotes. These words will do a lot of positive change in you as you practice them everyday.

I hope you find this article useful? Please like and share it to encourage us. Thank you.

10 Study Hard Tips for Serious Students

How to study hard and smart is one of the behavioral character every serious student want to develop in school. As a college student, you always find it a challenge to study hard and pass your courses with good grades. Only if you know the secret to make things easier for you, you will never find it tasking to read, study and pass your papers easily. Serious students always have some study hard tips that help them a lot to read and understand especially when preparing for exams.

study hard tips serious students
Studying hard is one of the criteria every good student must develop to excel in school. Most student ask if they should study hard or study smart to pass their examinations but the truth is, if you want to take your studies very serious, then study hard work should be your only option. To achieve your career goals in life, you need to cultivate the habit of reading, studying hard and been serious with every bit of your academic activities.

Every serious student who wishes to make excellent results need to develop the habit of reading even before you enroll at the university. Many students make this great mistake and end up coming out of school with a very poor grade. You shouldn't be a victim. Take our advice very serious and develop a reading culture within you. It will take you a long way in your academic pursuit.

Here we shall discuss some study hard tips you can learn to keep making a good grade if you want to be a serious student. These 10 ways to study hard without realizing it will help you learn and condition yourself well for academic activities without knowing that you are putting much hard work.

10 Study Hard Tips for Serious Students

1. Study Hard with Extra Hours

Here we mean that you should use extra hours of your time to study and concentrate. Finding extra time out of your studying hours to read doesn’t mean you should dedicate all your time for study. You could use extra hours to study and still have time for other things to do too. What we want you to understand is the fact that, assuming you schedule five hours every day to study; you could take more than five hours of your study time to read especially when you don’t have any other pressing task ahead of you.

Instead of reading for five hours exactly and then retire to bed even when you are not tired will only make you lazy. You can keep going past your schedule time to build that hard work character in you.

2. Remove Irrelevant Task from your Reading Schedules

Most students who strive to work hard in school sometimes find it difficult to do well because of some irrelevant task they refused to cut loose in their schedule. I have a friend in school back then who love watching football matches and playing video games. He couldn’t let these hobbies go even when he had exams to write the next day, he always have time to watch his favorite football team play even against a rookie team.

He would spend hours playing games on his smartphone in the library instead of reading. These kinds of task are irrelevant and should be removed from your schedules if you want to be a hard working student.

3. Speed up Your Work

To develop a study hard character as a student, you need to learn how to speed up your work. The more task you can perform faster, the more time you will have to study your books. Take notes when in class and don’t mind your writing skills. Make sure your notes are up-to-date before leaving the class and don’t be the type of students that will want to borrow note after lectures to write down. When you want to study hard and get used to it, then don’t be a left behind student. Always speed up your task and be at the top of the class.

4. Find Conducive Time to Work

Work in conducive and healthy environment if you want to be effective in your studies. Don’t subject yourself to pressure and panic when attending classes. If given take home assignments, make sure you finish them on time and prepare for lecture instead of running aimlessly on the day of submission. This attitude makes hard work very difficult to achieve. Also learn to read and cover your syllabus on time before writing the test and examinations. Doing this makes you create conducive time to work either in the day or  at night. This study hard tips is great and works magic for some of us in college.

5. Use Accessories to Make your Work Easier

We are in the 21st century where we have so many accessories to ease our work. You can make use of apps, computer software, gadgets like alarm clock to manage your time, etc. we have a lot of study apps out there designed to help you focus more on your work. Some can be used to create flashcards, quizzes which can help you study hard on any task ahead of you. All you need to do is configure them to your taste and follow it.

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6. Challenge Yourself with Reasonable Goals

Set reasonable goals and challenge yourself to reach and accomplish these goals. There are lots of study apps that have these features to directs you on how to achieve your set goals. If you set a goal to read a number of books every month, you must have to work hard to achieve that goal. It makes you a hard worker and a goal achiever. As a college student, you can easily achieve success through that habit.

7. Find Competition

Compete within your friends in class but don’t breed trouble or create enemy. Competition is healthy especially when it leads to development. When you compete, you work hard to beat your competitors. Set a mark and work hard to reach that mark before your competitors.

8. Organize and Complete Small Task

Another way to study well for your exams is to learn how to organize and complete small task at your leisure time. Your leisure time is your free time. You could set any task at all and work hard to complete them. If you are playing video games, doing some exercise or washing your clothes, you could still organize a small task and make sure you complete them in time. This attitude helps to build a good character in you.

9. Do What you Love Doing

Off course you can’t feel at ease doing what you don’t love doing no matter how hard you work. This has been the reason why most people give up. Your hobby is where you learn to develop hard work by doing what you love doing repeatedly. You easily lost motivation when you don't love what you are doing.

10. Never Give Up

Keep challenging yourself and never give up even when it seems all hope is gone, know that you are close to your break through. 'Never Give Up' should be one of your motivational quotes to study hard in school. One important thing with hard work is that, it last and becomes part of your life. You begin to apply that habit in anything you do and that makes you a success.

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Making good grades in school and coming out with straight A's in your subjects boils down to your hard work and dedication with your studies in school. If you want to be a brilliant student in school to appear in your school's Honor Roll List, then you must start taking your studies serious. I hope you find this article helpful. Please like and share to appreciate our efforts. Thanks.

JAMB CAPS Login: How to Accept 2018/2019 Admission Status on JAMB Portal

JAMB CAPS Login is a system introduced by JAMB to allow candidates who are seeking for admission into the university, to login their jamb portal and check for their admission status. According to Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), all UTME and Direct Entry candidates are supposed to login the jamb portal to check their admission status, if offered admission, they can then accept or reject the institution they have been offered admission.
 jamb news
This is the recent development for admitting candidates into the university after choosing institutions of their choice.

Procedures to Follow

All jamb candidates are hereby advised to follow these procedures below to check their admission status and confirm their 2018/2019 jamb admission status on their jamb profile by accessing the jamb CAPS login. Through the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), every candidate will notify the management whether they accept or reject the admission offered to them according to the institution.

1. Go to the jamb caps login official portal at and login using a computer through chrome browser for easy accessing.

2. You should now login the jamb caps portal with the email and password you created through your jamb account.

3. After logged in successfully, click on the options button that is the button with three dashes located at the top of the page.

4. You should see CAPS under the tag 'Admissions'. Then click on it and the Jamb CAPS login page will display.

5. The next page will show ‘welcome’ but you will have to click on options of the mobile browser and change the page to ‘desktop view’. That is if you are accessing it with your mobile phone.

6. Click on ‘Admission Status’ at the left-hand side of the page.

7. Then all your details will be displayed. Your admission status will also be displayed. That is if you have been admitted, you can now accept admission or reject admission on this page.

What if am not admitted yet?

If the page shows “admission in progress, check back later” under the Admission status, it means your school of choice has not yet released their admission list so you have to wait and check next time using the same procedure in this article. I hope you find this information useful.

BSUM Introduced FingerPrint Biometric Data Verification to replace Exam Card

Benue state university Makurdi has taken a different dimension in curbing the issue of impersonation by students during examination through the introduction of biometric data authentication system in place of examination cards. This simply means that the tertiary institution will not make use of exam card again as Prof. Msugh Kembe introduces Biometric Data System as means of identification during an examination.
bsum biometric verification

The introduction of Fingerprint-Based Exam Hall Authentication systems will assist in the elimination of examination Impersonation in the institution. With the adoption of fingerprint biometric verification, this problem will be eliminated as fingerprint identification will be deployed during Examination hours. 

According to the Vice-chancellor, the main objective of this innovation is to eliminate any form of impersonation during exam by employing a more secured means of fingerprint biometrics. Deployment of Biometric Management System in Benue state university will improve the efficient and accurate data of Students. 

Challenges offered by the manual system include tedious processes, students signing in by proxy, and issues of card ID theft among other students. With the introduction of biometric Management systems, students' data will be captured and enrolled into the system database. Every time a student enters or leaves exam hall, their data is updated. 

Biometric systems use human features like fingerprint or iris to reduce fraud if they are identical to an individual; data accuracy and precision is assured. These are the challenges of paper based systems which will be corrected by the new system. With the biometric systems, student data is captured and stored in the system. This means that if student data is not stored into the system, he or she will not use the system. 

Biometric data is identical and cannot be shared between two students. Students are advice to visit the University library with 2017/2018 Academic School Fees receipt for Biometric Enrolment on daily basis to avoid congestion as Exams approach next month. I hope you find this information useful. Thanks.

MOUAU Post-UTME 2018/2019 Screening Exercise Commence

Are you one of those candidates who apply to seek for admission into Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) this 2018/2019 session? Mouau latest news from the school portal has it that, the prestigious university has announced the conduct of post utme admission screening exercise for her academic session of 2018/2019. 
mouau portal

Jamb candidates who wrote the latest jamb examinations and who chose MOUAU are advised to register their interest immediately. We received this latest news updates  from MOUAU portal direct to relay them as it is in simple words to our readers here.

If you are one of those students who wish to apply for admission into Michael Okpara University then read and follow this article below. 

Eligibility for Screening.

Candidates who choose Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike in the just concluded JAMB examinations 2018 as their first choice and scored at least 180 can go ahead and apply. Your 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) original result must be ready. 

Also, candidates whose 2018 WAEC/NECO results are yet to be released are advised not to apply. Awaiting results will not be accepted. 

Date for Registration and Screening.

The MOUAU post utme screening and registration will commence as from Monday, 9th of July, 2018 and ends on Friday, 7th Sept, 2018. 

MOUAU Screening Guidelines.

Please note that all candidates who wish to have a successful screening exercise are required to have his/her O'Level examination results with the required credits. You must also have with you the relevant exam body scratch card details before proceeding with the application. 

1. Register through the following link. Click and enter your JAMB Registration number. You will be redirected to Remita Payment Platform where an RRR number will be generated for you to make the necessary payment of N2,000. 

2. After payment is done, Candidate returns to the University portal to complete registration. 

3. The candidate then registers for screening exercise by filling a form online and selecting a proposed department and other important details. 

4. Candidates are required to select their O'Level Exam details as required on the form. 

5. Then-candidate is required to click on the "Fetch result" Button from examination body (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB). A popup message button will display with a message that, "your result has already been verified by us, Click here to view result".

6. The candidate is required to download the fetched result to verify that result was fetched and actually belong to the candidate. 

7. If a candidate is using two results for qualification, the candidate should click on the "Add More" button to add Exam details of the second Exams. Steps 4,5,6 and 7 are repeated. Kindly note that O'Level results and number of sittings are weighted. Note: Some fields are prefilled and cannot be changed. 

8. Candidate fills the form, accepts the "Terms and Conditions" by clicking on the submit button and can take print out after executing the Submit button. The system will send a soft copy of submitted forms to the candidate's email for records. Then return to mouau portal later to check for your results 

Note: In case you encounter any difficulty or challenge during the registration, you can contact the MOUAU Portal by sending an email to That's all you need to do to register for mouau post utme screening exercise. Further information will be updated on myschoolbam as soon as we receive it. Thank you

Admission into (CEFTER) BSU Post Graduate Studies 2018-2019 Ongoing

Benue State University admission for MSc and PhD Programmes to study  Centre for Food Technology and Research 2018/2019 courses has been released. Admission to study MSc and PhD Programmes in Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER) is currently ongoing at Benue State University.

centre for food technology and research

All students who wish to enrol for their masters and PhD degree programmes in CEFTER courses are hereby advised to visit the official school portal and request for an application. 

Interested applicants will also have the opportunity to apply for scholarship or student support if they meet the required qualification.

Application Requirements 

The Benue State University Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER) is one of the ten World Bank African Centres of Excellence in Nigeria. CEFTER is mandated to train manpower in a focused area of control of post-harvest losses. The Centre has since taken off and is now set to admit students its programmes.

Courses available are M.Sc/Ph.d , Postgraduate Diploma, Ordinary National Diploma and Certificate courses. Consequently, applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admssions in the new academic year of the Centre commencing October, 2018. Sales of application forms shall commence (on-line) from May, 2018.

Method of Application

1. Applicants are to apply online (Open May, 2018) click on 'application form' and complete some pre-registration information, make payment of non-refundable application fee of ₦10,000.00 online or pay at any Fidelity Bank (ACC NO. 6060310946) using the name on their application. 

2. Applicants will receive confirmation e-mail when they have submitted the form. 

3. After payment is received, your application forms will be processed. Candidates should endeavour to forward transcripts of their current qualification to the Admission Officer, Centre for Food Technology and Research, Benue State University, Makurdi. 

NOTE: There are various categories of scholarships for both M.Sc and Ph.D courses. Female applicants have higher chances for Ph.D funding. Scholarship forms and guide from successful application are available on the Centre's website free of charge.

Apply Now

The Centre for food technology and research offers a lot of programmes you can apply to study at MSc or PhD level depending on your qualification and meeting up the entry requirement. you can enrol for Food Science and Technology, Analytical/Environmental Chemistry, Extension and Rural Sociology, Bio-Statistics Programme, Food chemistry, Food processing technology, post-harvest engr. and tech. etc. Just visit the official website at 
General Instructions

1.Make payment of non-refundable application fee of ₦10,000.00 at any Fidelity Bank (ACC NO. 6060310946) using the name CEFTER BSU.

2. Upload Proof of Payment along with your Documents while filling the Application Form

3. Print the Completed Forms

4. After payment is received, your application forms will be processed

5. Come with Printed forms/originals and photocopies of your credentials, certificate of state of origin to CEFTER BSU for Screening on the date to be announced by the CEFTER BSU Management. 

6. Candidates should endeavour to forward transcripts of their current qualification to the Admission Officer, Centre for Food Technology and Research, Benue State University, Makurdi.

 7. Sale of application forms commences (on-line) on the 15th of May, 2018 and ends on the 30th August, 2018.

List of Nigerian Universities, Official School Portals and Date of Establishment as approved by NUC

Nigeria presently has over 158 universities as approved by the National Universities Commission. A current list of all approved universities in 2018 was released by the commission (NUC) and among these valid universities, we have 40 Federal universities, 49 state universities and 68 private universities all arranged in geopolitical zones respectively. Although, the total number of universities presently in Nigeria is more than 158 because some are yet to be approved by the commission.
NUC approved university school portal

These lists of universities in Nigeria as approved by NUC are arranged in geopolitical zones alongside their official school portals and establishment date to help you locate them within the country easily. 

One of the duties of National Universities Commission is to regulate and make sure that, universities have the necessary facilities to provide quality education to students in Nigeria. This agency is task with the duty to approve or disapprove any institution that fails to meet the necessary requirements.

So as students seeking for university admission, it is your duty to verify that the university you want to patronize has already been given approval by the commission.

All Federal Universities in Nigeria approved by NUC

This is a list of Federal universities arranged according to geopolitical zones in Nigeria. 

North-Central Zone:
1. Federal University of Technology, Minna. Official website is Founded in 1982. 
2. Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State,, founded in 2011. 
3. Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State. founded in 2011.
4. University of Abuja, Gwagwalada. official school portal is founded in 1988. 
5. University of Agriculture, Makurdi. official school website is founded in 1988. 
6. University of Jos. official university portal is founded in 1975. 

North-East Zone: 
7. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. official webpage is founded in 1988. 
8. Federal University Gashua, Yobe. official school portal is founded in 2013. 
9. Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State. school official portal is founded in 2011. 
10. Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State. school university portal is founded in the year 2011. 
11. Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola. Official website is founded in 1981. 
12. University of Maiduguri official website founded in 1975. 

North-West Zone:
13. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. official school portal is founded 1962. 
14. Bayero University, Kano. school portal is founded in 1975. 15. Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State. school website is founded in 2011. 
16. Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina. university school portal is founded in 2011. 
17. Federal University, Birnin Kebbi. official school portal is founded in 2013. 
18. Federal University, Gusau Zamfara. school portal is founded in the year 2013. 
19. Nigeria Police Academy Wudil. Kano. school official website is founded in the year 2013.
20. Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna. school official portal is founded in 1985. 
21. Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. school portal for students is founded in 1975. 

South-East Zone: 
22. Federal University of Technology, Owerri. school portal is Founded in the year 1980. 
23. Federal University, Ndifu-Alike, Ebonyi State. official school portal is founded in the year 2011. 
24. Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike. official university portal is established in the year 2013. 
25. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. school portal is founded in 1992. 
26. University of Nigeria, Nsukka. official school website is founded in 1960. 

South-South Zone:
27. Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun. official school website is founded in the year 2007. 
28. Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa. Official website is founded in the year 2011. 
29. University of Calabar. Official website is founded in 1975. 
30. University of Port-Harcourt. official webpage for school is founded in 1975. 

South-West Zone: 
31. Federal University of Technology, Akure. Official website is founded in the year 1981. 
32. Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State. school official portal is founded in 2011. 
33. National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos. Official website founded in 2002. 
34. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Official website founded in 1962. 
35. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Website is founded in 1988. 
36. University of Benin. Website is founded in 1970. 
37. University of Ibadan. Website is founded in 1948. 
38. University of Ilorin. Website is founded in the year 1975. 
39. University of Lagos. website is founded in the year 1962. 
40. University of Uyo. Website is . founded in 1991. 

All State Universities in Nigeria approved by NUC

Below are the lists of State universities according to geo political zones in Nigeria. Their year of establishment and official school portal website as approved by the National Universities Commission. 

North-Central Zone:
1. Benue State University, Makurdi. Official website is established in the year 1992.
2. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai. Website is founded in 2005.
3. Kogi State University Anyigba. Website is founded in 1999.
4. Nasarawa State University Keffi. Website is founded in the year 2002.
5. Plateau State University Bokkos. Website is founded in the year 2005.
6. Veritas University, Abuja. Website is founded in the year 2007.
7. Crown Hill University Eiyenkorin, Kwara State. Website is founded in 2016.

North-East Zone:
 8. Bornu State University, Maiduguri. Established in the year 2016.
9. Adamawa State University Mubi. Website is founded in 2002.
10. Bauchi State University, Gadau. Official website is founded in the year 2011.
11. Yobe State University, Damaturu. Website is established in the year 2006.
12. Gombe State Univeristy, Gombe. Official website is and founded in the year 2004.
13. Taraba State University, Jalingo. Official website is while it is founded in the year 2008.

North-West Zone:
14. Sule Lamido University, Kafin Hausa, Jigawa. Official website is establishee in the year 2013.
15. Kaduna State University, Kaduna. Official website is while it is founded in the year 2004.
16. Kano University of Science & Technology, Wudil. Official website is and founded in 2000.
17. Kebbi State University, Kebbi. Official website is and founded in 2006.
18. Umar Musa Yar' Adua University Katsina. Official website is and it is founded in the year 2006.
19. Sokoto State University. Website is founded in 2009.
20. Northwest University Kano. School website is and founded in 2012.

South-East Zone:
21. Abia State University, Uturu. Official school website is and founded in 1981.
22. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli. Official school portal is founded in the year 2000.
23. Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. Official school portal is founded in 2000.
24. Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu. Official university portal is founded in 1982.
25. Imo State University, Owerri. Official school portal is and founded in 1992.
26. Eastern Palm University Ogboko, Imo State. University portal is founded in 2016.
27. Coal City University Enugu State. Official university portal is Founded in the year 2016.
28. Clifford University Owerrinta Abia State. Official school portal is Founded in 2016.
29. Spiritan University, Nneochi Abia State. Official university portal is founded in the year 2017.

South-South Zone:
30. Cross River State University of Science & Technology, Calabar. Official school portal is while the institution was founded in the year 2004.
31. Akwa Ibom State University of Technology, Uyo. School official portal is school was founded in 2010.
32. Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Official website is, founded in 1980.
33. Delta State University Abraka. Official website is, school was founded in 1992.
34. Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni. University official portal is, and founded in 2010.
35. River State University of Science and Technology. School official website is while school was founded in 1979.
36. Niger Delta University Yenagoa. Official website is, school founded in 2000.
37. Edo University Iyamo. School founded in 2016. Official website is established in 2016.
38. University of Africa Toru Orua, Bayelsa State. University official portal is founded in the year 2016.
39. Admiralty University, Ibusa Delta State. Official university portal is Founded in the year 2017.

South-West Zone:
40. Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba. Official university website is founded in 1999.
41. Ekiti State University. School official portal is founded in 1982.
42. Kwara State University, Ilorin. School portal is founded in 2009.
43. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. University portal is founded in 1990.
44. Ondo State University of Science and Technology Okitipupa. University official portal is founded in 2008.
45. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye. School portal is founded in 1982.
46. Lagos State University, Ojo. School portal is founded in the year 1983.
47. Tai Solarin University of Education Ijebu Ode. School portal is established in the year 2005.
48. Osun State University Osogbo. Official school website is founded in the year 2006.
49. Oyo State Technical University Ibadan. University portal is founded in 2012.
50. Ondo State University of Medical Sciences. Official school portal is founded in the year 2015.

All Private Universities in Nigeria approved by NUC

These are the current list of private universities approve by NUC as arranged according to geo political zones in Nigeria. 

North-Central Zone:
1. African University of Science & Technology, Abuja. Official school website is founded in 2007. 
2. Baze University Abuja. Official school website is founded in 2011. 3. Bingham University, New Karu. Official school portal is and founded in 2005. 4. Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. Official university portal is founded in the year 2009.
5. Salem University, Lokoja. Official university portal is founded in the year 2007. 6. Landmark University, Omu-Aran. Kwara. Official website is founded in 2011. 7. Summit University. Kwara. Official website is founded in the year 2015. 8. University of Mkar, Mkar. Official school portal is founded in the year 2005. 

North-East Zone:
9. American University of Nigeria, Yola. Official website is founded in 2003. 10. Kwararafa University, Wukari. Official website is founded in 2005. 

North-West Zone: 
non found as at the time of publishing this article.

South-East Zone:
11. Caritas University, Enugu. Official school portal is founded in 2005.
12. Evangel University, Akaeze. Ebonyi. Official school portal is founded in 2012.
13. Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu-Nike - Enugu State. School portal is founded in 2009.
14. Gregory University, Uturu. Abia. University portal is founded in 2012.
15. Hezekiah University, Umudi. Imo. School portal is founded in 2015.
16. Paul University, Awka - Anambra State. University portal is founded in 2009.
17. Renaissance University, Enugu. School portal is founded in 2005.
18. Tansian University, Umunya. Anambra. Official school portal is founded in 2007.
19. Legacy University, Okija Anambra State. Official website is founded in 2016.
20. Madonna University, Okija. Anambra. Official school portal is founded in 1999.

South-South Zone:
21 Edwin Clark University, Kaigbodo. Delta. Official portal for school is founded in 2015.
22. Igbinedion University Okada. Edo. Official school portal is founded in 1999.
23. Micheal & Cecilia Ibru University. Delta. Official school portal is founded in 2015.
24. Novena University, Ogume. Delta. School portal is founded in 2005.
25. Obong University, Obong Ntak. Akwa-ibom. Official school portal is founded in 2007.
26. Rhema University, Obeama-Asa - Rivers State. Official school website is founded in 2009.
27. Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom. Official school portal is founded in the year 2015.
28. Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa - Edo State. Official website is founded in 2009.
29. Western Delta University, Oghara Delta State. Official school portal is established in 2007.
30. Arthur Javis University Akpoyubo Cross River State. School portal is founded in 2016.
31. PAMO University of Medical Sciences, Portharcourt. Official school website is founded in 2017

South-West Zone:
32. Achievers University, Owo. Official website is founded in 2007.
33. Adeleke University, Ede. Official webpage is school was established in 2011.
34. Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti - Ekiti State. Official website is founded in 2009.
35. Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan. Official website is founded in 2005.
36. Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin. Official school portal is with university established in 2005.
37. Al-Qalam University, Katsina. Official school portal is established in 2005.
38. Augustine University. Official university portal is school established in 2015.
39. Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo. Official school portal is founded in 1999.
40. Bells University of Technology, Otta. Official school portal is founded in the year 2005.
41. Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. School portal for students is founded in the year 2002.
42. Bowen University, Iwo . Official school portal is established in 2001.

43. Caleb University, Lagos. Official school portal is founded in the year 2007.
44. Chrisland University Abeokuta. School portal is founded in 2015.
45. Covenant University Ota. Official school portal is founded in 2002.
46. Crawford University Igbesa. Official school portal is founded in the year 2005.
47. Crescent University, Abeokuta. Official school portal is and established in the year 2005.
48. Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin. Ondo. School portal for students is school was founded in the year 2013.
49. Fountain University, Oshogbo. Student school portal is founded in 2007.

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50. Hallmark University, Ijebi Itele, Ogun. Student school portal is founded in the year 2015.
51. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji. Osun. School official portal is founded in the year 2006.
52. Kings University, Ode Omu. School portal is founded in the year 2015.
53. Lead City University, Ibadan. School student portal is school was established in 2005.
54. Mcpherson University, Seriki Sotayo, Ajebo. School portal is founded in the year 2012.
55. Mountain Top University. Ogun. School portal is founded in the year 2015.
56. Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu - Osun State. School portal for students is founded in 2009.
57. Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos. School university portal is founded in the year 2002.
58. Redeemer's University, Mowe. Osun. School portal is established in 2005.
59. Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa. School official portal is founded in the year 2011.

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60. Southwestern University, Oku Owa. Official website is founded in 2012.
61. Wesley University. of Science & Technology, Ondo. Official website is and founded in 2007.
62. Christopher University Mowe. Ibadan. School portal is year of establishment is 2015.
63. Kola Daisi University Ibadan, Oyo State. School portal is Year of establishment is 2016.
64. Anchor University Ayobo Lagos State. Official website is Founded in 2016.
65. Dominican University Ibadan Oyo State. Official school portal is year of establishment is 2016.
66. Precious Cornerstone University, Oyo. Official school website is Year of establishment is 2017.
67. Atiba University Oyo. Official school portal is founded in 2017.
68. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences Ijanikin, Lagos. Official school portal is established in the year 2017.

Please make sure the university you wish to enrol for is listed under the current list of NUC approved universities in Nigeria otherwise, you waste your money getting a certificate that will never be recognized in the labour market. Make a wise decision now. Thank you.

FG scraps non-technical programmes offered in Polytechnics

Few days ago, the FG took a bold step to reform the Nigerian educational system by scrapping out non-technical programmes offered in polytechnics. This policy was initiated immediately after putting an end to the discrimination between HND and BSc degrees in Nigeria. Now the gap between BSc degrees and HND certificates has been bridged.

The Federal Government's decision to scrap the award of Higher National Diploma HND certificates and also stop non-technical programmes offered in Polytechnics was reached at the Federal Executive Council FEC meeting held some days ago.

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Speaking with the press about the new on-going development in Polytechnics across Nigeria, the Minister of Education said that any programme that is not technical will be out of the Polytechnic. Prof. Adamu Adamu was quoted in his words saying thus:
 "About 70 percent of polytechnic graduates are in the non-technical courses. It is going to be a rigorous implementation programme," he said. 

Due to the new policy from the FG, myschoolbam has gathered some of the courses regarded as non-technical which will be affected. These courses will soon cease to be offered by Nigerian polytechnics when the policy takes effect.

The following are the 15 non-technical courses that will be scrapped from Nigerian polytechnics when the FG policy takes effect.
1. Accounting
2. Business Administration
3. Banking and Finance
4. Estate Management
5. Fine Art
6. Fishery
7. Public Administration,
8. Secretariat studies
9. Hospitality Management
10. Home and Rural Economics
11. Insurance
12. Marketing
13. Nutrition And Dietetics
14. Wildlife And Eco-Tourism
15. Leisure And Tourism Management.

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According to the Minister of Education, these courses will not available for fresh students seeking for admission. And those students, who are studying any of the above courses currently at ND level, will not be allowed to continue at HND level. However, as the policy is about to take effect, the following institutions have taken a new dimension to embrace the wonderful decision.

Yaba College of Technology will now be known as City University of Technology, Yaba, while Kaduna Polytechnic will be known as City University of Technology, Kaduna. Others are warming their gears to follow suit and embrace the new developments. This is a welcome development.

All list of universities in Nigeria approved by NUC to offer Postgraduate Programmes

The National body responsible for overseeing the activities of all universities in Nigeria has recently released an approved list of Nigerian universities eligible to offer and also award postgraduate programmes to students in Nigeria. According to the National Universities Commission (NUC), a total of 69 universities are currently allowed to issue Masters and Ph.D degrees to students in Nigeria as such certificate will be considered valid and useful both within and outside the country.

nuc approved universities in nigeria

Among the universities which were given the approval by NUC are 26 Federal universities, 25 state universities and 18 private universities currently eligible to award postgraduate programme certificates. The commission passed the announcement to the public through the office of the Executive Secretary while listing Federal, State and Private universities allowed to award such certificates to students in the country. 

The National universities commission further said that they observed some institutions and parastatals are awarding postgraduate degrees, either on their own or through unapproved affiliation with Nigerian and foreign universities without official approval. In other to address this problem, the commission has come out with an approved official list of universities that are allowed to offer postgraduate studies at Masters and Ph.D levels and any certificates attained as from July 30, 2012, is valid. 

Below is the full current list of Nigerian universities approved by NUC to conduct postgraduate studies in Nigeria. 

List of Federal Universities Approved by NUC for Postgraduate Programmes

Only 26 universities out of a total of 41 federal universities were approved by NUC to offer postgraduate programmes in  Nigeria. The list of Federal universities approved are as follows:

1. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi 
2. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 
3. Bayero University, Kano 
4. Federal University of Technology, Akure 
5. Federal University of Technology, Minna 
6. Federal University of Technology, Owerri 
7. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike 
8. Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola 
9. National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos 
10. Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna 
11. Nnamdi Azikwe University, Akwa 
12. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife 
13. University of Abuja, Gwagwalada 
14. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 
15. University of Agriculture, Makurdi 
16. University of Benin, Benin City 
17. University of Calabar, Calabar 
18. University of Ibadan, Ibadan 
19. University of Ilorin, Ilorin 
20. University of Jos, Jos 
21. University of Lagos, Akoko 
22. University of Maiduguri,  Maiduguri 
23. University of Nigeria, Nsukka 
24. University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt 
25. University of Uyo, Uyo 
26. Usmanu DanFodiyo University, Sokoto. 

List of State Universities Approved by NUC for Postgraduate Programmes

Among the 47 state universities across the country, only 25 universities were approved by NUC to carry out postgraduate studies in Nigeria. The full list includes the following: 

1. Abia State University, Uturu 
2. Adamawa State University, Mubi 
3. Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko 
4. Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma 
5. Anambra University, Uli 
6. Benue State University, Makurdi 
7. Cross River University of Technology, Calabar 
8. Delta State University, Abraka 
9. Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 
10. Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti 
11. Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu 
12. Imo State University, Owerri 
13. Kogi State University, Anyigba 
14. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso 
15. Lagos State University, Ojo 
16. Nasarawa State University, Keffi 
17. Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island 
18. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye 
19. Rivers State University of Science and Technology 
20. Umar Musa Yar'Adua University, Katsina 
21. Gombe State University, Gombe 
22. Ibrahim Babangida University, Lapai 
23. Kano State University of Science and Technology 
24. Kebbi State University of Science and Technology 
25. Kwara State University, Malete.

List of Private Universities Approved by NUC for Postgraduate Programmes

A total of 74 official private universities exist in Nigeria currently. Out of this number of private universities, only 18 were given a positive go-ahead to carry out postgraduate programmes in Nigeria. Before you enroll for your masters and Ph.D. in any private university in Nigeria, make sure they are approved to offer such postgraduate programme by the National Universities Commission. 

Here is the list of Private universities as approved to award masters certificate by the NUC. 

1. African University of Science and Technology, Abuja 
2. American University of Nigeria, Yola 
3. Babcock University, Ilishan Remo 
4. Benson Idahosa University, Benin City 
5. Bowen University, Iwo 
6. Covenant University, Ota 
7. Igbiniedo University, Okada 
8. Pan-African University, Lekki 
9. Redeemer's University, Mowe, Ogun State 
10. Caleb University, Lagos 
11. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji 
12. Nigerian Turkish Nile University, Abuja 
13. Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State 
14. Lead City University, Ibadan (MSc. Only) 
15. University of Mkar, Mkar (MSc. Only) 
16. Madona University, Okija 
17. Al-hikmah University, Ilorin (MSc. Only) 
18. Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu-Nike , Enugu state. 

So before you register for postgraduate studies in any university in Nigeria, make sure they are listed on the current list of universities approved by NUC to offer and also award such certificates.

Corp Members to Receive N2 Million after Youth Service

Are you a corp member with a wonderful business idea? Or do you have a great business plan but don't know where to get the start-up capital for your business? Do you wish to be self-employed after graduating from the university? In one of my previous article here on, I discussed and list out some creative ways to make money as a college student while in school.

N2 million loan for nysc corp members

As a student, creative thinking and learning how to study hard in school makes you a better person in the society when you graduate from the university. We go to school to learn not only academics but creative ways to help us build our society into a better place.

Most university graduates have always nursed the idea of been self-employed even before graduating from school but don't seem to have the capital to start and manage their business. Now the Federal Government of Nigeria is planning to set up a programme that will turn the fortune around. This is good news to youth corp members who will be serving as from next year.

The Federal Government of Nigeria are currently discussing on the idea of supporting graduates who are through with their mandatory National Youths Service with a sum of N2 million start-up capital to start a business. This great idea was revealed by Emmanuel Attah a Coordinator of NYSC in Osun State at the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development (SAED) held at the NYSC orientation camp situated in Ede, Osun State.

Attah said the loans will be given only to interested corp members who have undergone the SAED programme only and it would be in collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Bank of Industry whom will all be working together to make sure the loans are disbursed to each members accordingly.

Capital loans will be given out to interested corp members between N200,000 to N2,000,000 according to the weight of your business proposal. This will only be available after completion of their mandatory nysc programme. I think this is a welcome development to graduates who have a bright business plan but lack the capital to start their business.

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According to Attah, no interest rate will be attached to the loan but all beneficiaries who apply for the loans will have to submit their NYSC discharged certificate to be used as collateral. The discharged certificate will be return to the applicants once the loan is been paid in full. There is no time limit for the return payment of the loan and no hidden charges as processing fee or any other fee attached. Once your nysc discharged certificate is submitted as collateral, you will only get it back when you have return your loan amount in full.

This development was organized by SAED a Federal Government programme to reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty among graduates who always end up roaming the streets looking for white-collar jobs that doesn't exist. This Skill acquisition programme seeks to empower interested corp members to be self-employed and employers of labour after their service year instead of depending on white collar jobs to be provided by the government.

So prospective corp members are hereby advised to start developing business plans and bringing up business ideas that will make them succeed in life and be self-depended before going through service. This will help reduce criminality and nuisance behavior in the community because they will find something useful to do with their life.

I hope this is a welcome development from our government once again. If this programme is effectively put in place and move smoothly, the youth will gradually be eliminated from poverty.