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Sunday, 15 April 2018

11 benefits for attending public universities or colleges

Public and private universities always have a poor understanding when it comes to academic studies. Public universities are sometimes regarded as universities for the poor, less privilege or those who don't have enough money to send their wards to better schools. Most of the public universities are cheap with a large number of applicants and some rigorous entry procedures.

cheap and affordable public university

While private universities on the other hand are believed to be universities for the rich people with quality educational standard and a lot of educational resource and facilities for students to learn quickly. But to be candid with you, this is not the reality because the aforementioned claims are far from the truth. 

There is a reason why a majority of students from Nigeria prefer to be admitted to a public university than the private university. The advantages of attending a public university far overweight than its disadvantages.

According to statistics from Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, over 95% of JAMB candidates seek for admission into public universities every year with Federal Universities carrying a large number of this percentage while just a few seek to be admitted into private universities with just a few numbers of them honouring their admission when given.

The reason is that there are a lot of benefits for students who attend public universities than those who go to private universities. Some of these reasons include the followings. 

Brings out the Best in You: 

Attending public university brings the best out of you due to the rigorous training and activities you undergo. The rigorous entry processes you face, battle it and overcome when seeking admission into a public university build you into a strong character. You are faced with competitions when writing your JAMB, Post UTME exams and finally getting admitted until you graduate from the university.

These types of healthy competition make you strong and capable of handling any difficult task assign to you. Not like private universities which all you have to do is buy admission form and you gain admission. No struggling or competition so it makes it difficult to admit the best students.

Quality standard of education:

It is no doubt that public universities provide standard education to students than private universities. The academic standard of a public university is top-notch because they have the best educational facilities for teaching, doing research works, projects, practical and other educational activities. As a student, you stand to benefit a lot from this type of school because the better the standard of education from the school, the better educational knowledge you gain from the school.

Healthy competition:

Students from public universities tend to find themselves in a healthy competitive environment. With a large population in the class, every student competes to get the best result. This competitive desire makes student eager to read, do research and challenge each other in debates and quiz. When a student makes straight A's in their courses, others take that as a challenge and strive to make similar results too. This type of healthy competition also creates enabling ground for students to be business minded.

Less expensive:

Attending a public university is less expensive than attending a private university. You can spend less than a million naira throughout your degree programme in a public university and come out with a good grade. Public universities often offer low tuition fees for students within the state and they can be lucky to get scholarship grants at the same time. Although not all private universities are very expensive as popularly stated.

Large population and extracurricular activities:

Majority of public universities have a large population of students from different part of the country. This type of population is good because students come together to learn a different aspect of their lives. It creates opportunities and brings different personalities available on campus and some friends you meet can turn your life around.

Diversity is good for students because they have the opportunity to make new friends from different part of the country and also engage in some extracurricular activities on campus that improves their personal lifestyle. It enhances social development in students and prepares them for future career success.

On campus, I was able to meet some friends that taught me how to play the piano, read music and also play basketball. I also joined a reading group that tremendously improved my reading skills. 

Reputation in the certificate:

The quality standard of education attained from public universities reflects on the certificate they award their students after graduation. University certificates are awarded in character and learning which means a third class student from a reputable public university is favoured in the labour market than a first-class student from a private university with little or no reputation.

It is a trite knowledge that a graduate of public schools stand out in competition than a graduate from private schools due to the rigorous competition and work they go through their academic programs.

An extensive list of academic programs:

Public universities offer a larger list of academic programs to study than private universities. This is good for students because it makes it possible for some students to change their course to another program while in school. Students find it easy to search for the courses they are interested in and how they want to build their academic career.

Huge market environment:

Huge market opportunities are found in public universities than private universities due to their population. Students who want to make money while undergoing their university programs can easily do that in public university. With the population in public schools, you can run a computer centre close to the campus, a bookshop, recharge card printing and sell business, food vendor business etc. you will make a lot of money with less work to do.

Large networking opportunities:

Large public universities create a large networking opportunity for students to socialize and learn from one another. You get to know people that help bring out the best in you by socializing and interacting with people with intelligence. The idea of Facebook, Google and Amazon were discovered and initiated during their school days. You also find useful organizations that are very impactful to your life after school.

Student organizations sometimes bring industry leaders to campus to speak to students, professors also invite their colleagues to lecture students in the class. If you play your cards respectfully well, you may get to know dignitaries that will improve your lots in future.

Job opportunities:

With the reputation of some public universities due to the hardworking and industrious graduates they have been producing for some time, many companies come to campus seeking future interns and employee for the companies. Students can be introduced to these organizations and companies through introductions from their professors or by meeting their employers at career fairs.

Active Athletic programs:

Many public universities have active athletic programs and activities that keep the students energetic and healthy. Students who like sports like basketball, handball, football and other sports find their like minds in school and make friends. Some engage in NUGA games and get the opportunity to become world stars through sports.

Seyi Olofinjana a Nigerian former footballer who also plies his trade in Europe was a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) in Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Meanwhile, these benefits are not exclusive to public universities because you can find few of these benefits even at some reputable private universities. But you can expect to see a majority of these opportunities coming from public universities due to the reputation they have built for some time.


Although we are not trying to say that public university is better than private universities, we urge you to weigh your options carefully and decide which type of university will offer you the best opportunity to succeed in your career. I you guys find this article very useful. Please feel free to like and share it with your friends. thanks.

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