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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How to develop a habit of Reading

Developing a habit of reading is one among the most important attitude to possess if you want to excel in your academic studies. Been a student or studying at a university college is a dream to most aspiring candidates out there but just only a few are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to be there.

develop habit of reading

Developing reading habit as a student makes you feel comfortable when reading and preparing for your exams. This attitude also makes your brain sharper and quicker to respond and comprehend sentences that other people find difficult to read and understand. It also develops you and brightens your horizon in terms of versatile knowledge. Ever wondered why lawyers and professors are erudite in knowledge? It is because they possess knowledge that is learned by continuous studying and they do that through the habit of reading.

Reading is a culture you develop in you until it becomes part of your lifestyle. It is not inherently born in any person. Here in this article, we shall be discussing how to develop a habit of reading as a student. In one of my previous article here on myschoolbam I discussed reasons why you should develop the habit of reading while in this article you are reading, i will show you exactly how to develop that reading habit in you if you have been wondering how to build a reading culture that becomes part of your lifestyle, then follow this steps below meticulously and then you achieve success. 

So how to develop a reading habit?

Develop the habit of reading

Habit is anything you usually do regularly and it becomes part of you. When it becomes part of your routine activities you can't forget doing it. You feel very unease when you haven't done it. For example when you wake up without brushing your teeth, you feel everything is not okay until you brush your teeth. So developing the habit of reading until it becomes part of your daily activity is very important.

Make time for reading everyday

To get comfortable with your reading habit, it is very important to create reading time every day. It could be thrice or twice a week but make sure your schedules for reading are comfortable enough and nothing stands in your way. When you do this at your comfort, reading everyday gradually becomes your habit. 

Select Interesting Books

When developing a reading habit, you need not indulge in books that aren't interesting. They will kill your reading urge. Read interesting books that crave your desire to keep reading more and more. Select motivational books, fictional novels like James Hardly Chase, science and non-fiction or some best sellers of any particular year and read. Do not just read any book you see just because you want to develop a reading habit. You should have a target by reading books your mentors are reading, read motivational novels or read books that concern your area of specialization or where you wish to major in school.

Don't pocket your book

Well statistics shows that 95% of students who pocket their books at the back pocket of their trousers don't read that often. If you want to develop a reading habit, you don't need to show the world that you like reading. Most students always try to impress their friends how much of a reader they are. They move around with their textbooks and school novels shelving it at the back of their pockets while walking in a majestic move just to let people see how they are serious with their books. You don't need that attitude to build a habit of reading. Just to your books to a comfortable and quiet place to read and understand.

Join reading club or group

To spice your reading desire, you should join a reading club in your school. Reading most at times become too boring when you don't have someone to share your experience with. Joining a reading club or group will let you make new friends of the same interest that will suggest other interesting books for you to read. You also meet intelligent people to share your views, ideas, plans and secrets of reading and comprehending. Reading club makes you develop reading habit in you quickly.

Create reading space

Creating reading space means creating a well-ventilated and lighted area for your reading comfort. You can't enjoy reading in a stuffy stinking room full of dirt and dust. You need a well arranged room with a comfortable reading chair, table as tall as your chest level to maintain a good reading posture, and a reading lamp. You will enjoy reading in such kind of environment.

Write down and memorize important points

Reading and writing down important points help you grab whatever you are reading quickly. It is also important when you keep clues or memorize your points as you read. In my school, what we normally do to recall what we read is by calling our friends or places the names we found strange and difficult to remember in our reading text. Like the word locus in quo which means "the scene of an event" we decide to call a close by refreshment join Locus in quo in other to keep the word abreast in our memory. This kind of attitude develops your desire to read and discover new words and meaning.

Make a list of books to read

Great successful people in the world read a lot of books and keeps records of the books they read. Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett all kept records of the books they read every year. Warren Buffett was once asked about the key to success and he said while pointing to a stack books "Read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it". Buffett's reading habit took him to the extreme of his success. He devotes about 80 percent each day for reading. You can develop your reading culture through this way.

Set your reading goals

Setting reading goals means mapping out what you want to achieve by developing the habit of reading. During my secondary school days, I developed a jamb reading time table for reading my books as I was preparing for my JAMB. After reading, I practiced the Jamb questions and answers and mark it to see how I will score. When I score less than expected, I would try again to aim a higher score. I did this until it became part of me and my strategy of reading and preparing for my exams.

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Set that reading goal for yourself and strive to achieve that. As you strive to do that, you are building a long lasting reading habit in you that will sustain and make you successful in every other thing you do. These are how to develop a reading habit that will make you excel in your studies in school. I hope you enjoyed reading this article please feel free to like and share it.

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