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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Why develop a habit of reading as a student

Developing a habit of reading is very necessary if you want to be erudite and brilliant as a student. Ever wonder why some students get straight As in school while others struggle to pass their papers? The simple reason is never far fetched. It is never magic nor miracle but how you condition your brain to think fast, solve problems and come out with the right answer much faster than others do.

reading habits

The brain is elastic and stretches as long and broad as you use it. The reason why some students seem to be more brilliant than others is that they are not using their brain why the former use theirs every day. 

Reading frequently expands your knowledge and brain perfectly because you feed the brain with new things and thoughts that create long lasting impression such that when you encounter similar issues it already know how to proffer the right solutions. One of my articles on explains how to develop a habit of reading perhaps you should read it too. 

Below I will be writing about why every student must develop a reading habit to excel in school. Developing reading habit in students should be taken seriously as this is one characteristic that is lacking is most school students these days. 

1. Reading improves your way of Thinking

Reading frequently and more interesting textbooks help you develop your thinking capacity. As you read, the words sink into your subconscious mind which is stored in your brain box. Whenever a problem triggers your brain for a solution, any text you read before that falls in line and is likely to be the solution to the problem at hand, your brain brings it out to your thought.

You then decide what to write and say or do at that moment. When you develop the habit of reading wide, any kind of questions been asked even outside your course outline, you should be able to trigger your brain and bring out something to say or write. 

2. Makes you a problem solver

Reading a lot makes you solve a lot of problems that come your way. Problem solvers are great readers as well. When reading, you come across people's problems and how they were able to solve them and as they reoccur to you someday in life, you should be able to use your experience and find a solution to the pressing issue at hand. I personally have read a lot of James Hardly Chase novels which are mostly fictional but very interesting. These texts particularly have helped me in so many ways to solve most of my problems both in life and academics. As a student, you need to develop the interest in reading not only your school textbooks but those books in any field of study. 

3. Sharpen your horizon

Developing a habit of reading also helps to sharpen your horizon by increasing your limit of knowledge and understanding. When you received information and send it to your brain, it should be able to read and interpret it to your mind and make you understand what it is. All this can be developed through reading and understanding which when done frequently, becomes part of your lifestyle. 

4. Makes you a better person

The habit of reading when it became cultured in your life, improves the type of person you were. As you read, you discover people's flaws, their mistakes and errors in life then try to avoid such mistakes in real life. For example, reading one's biography make you determined to be like them or replicate their positive lifestyle. 

5. Makes you discipline

The attitude of reading makes you a disciplined person in life. When you develop a reading habit, it helps to correct, mould and train your mental faculty into a perfect moral character. You set up a tasked and execute them exactly which makes you become an accomplished person in life. 

6. Brightens your knowledge

Ever wonder why some students are brighter than others? It is the amount of reading they do that develops their knowledge. When you read books, you improve your knowledge in so many fields and that makes your brain comprehend easily when you come across similar subject matter your read from a book before. 


So when trying to develop and achieve your academic success, then you need to develop a reading habit. By so doing, your brain gets accustomed to reading books and understanding them quickly. Your body system also develops a reading comfort zone that makes it possible for you to read without feeling sleepy or tired all the time. I hope this info helps? please feel free to comment, like and share this article with your friends. Thanks.


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