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Sunday, 29 April 2018

19 Very important tips and advice for Corp members before orientation camp

NYSC orientation camp is quite fun to many graduates who have tasted the 21 days military drill and service to their dear nation. As much as there is fun out there, you still experience some crazy moments that make you want to regret why you went for service. During the National Youth Service Corp orientation camp, you get to meet a lot of people with different characteristics which you must learn how to associate and socialize with them. Your conducts, preparations, and way of life determine whether you will actually enjoy your stay at the National Youth Service Orientation camp or not.

nysc corp member

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Today you will read 20 important tips and advice you need to prepare yourself before leaving for the NYSC orientation camp. You need this pre-information to be able to settle comfortably at the camp and have fun.

1. Do not Look Stranded

This should be my first advice to you because a lot of people actually show how stranded they are out there at the orientation camp. This attitude affects your psychology which tends to make you feel sad and disturbed. Do not feel everything is strange to you before you found yourself in a new environment or situation. Remember everybody will be coming there for the first time too. So do not try to look different or make yourself feel different. Just socialize and be open minded then everything will be fine.

2. NYSC Slangs

Yes at the orientation camp, there is a slang name for calling corper and you need to get used to that. Do not feel insulted or offended when you are called such names because they are the normal slangs and you can't stop that. It is part of the fun. All corp members at the orientation camp are called Otondos or corper while the market is called Mami Market. Otondo means Mumu.

3. Dressing and dry cleaning services

Note that your 21 days stay at the NYSC orientation camp, you won't have the time to wash your clothes but don't worry, there are dry cleaners available. You pay at most N100 per cloth mostly N50. So in other to make things easy for you, just go with at least 7 white tops and shorts so that you only get to wash them during weekends.

4. Registration period

The registration at the orientation camp ends 12 midnight before the swearing in day. Make sure you do your registration promptly and remember to join the queue early. If you are not registered, you will be asked to leave the camp. Take note.

5. Dress code

The dress code at the NYSC orientation camp is strictly white and your nysc cap must be on your head at all times. You could face severe punishment from the soldiers if you fail to put on your cap.

6. Feeding

You are feed three times a day but don't expect it to taste like house food. If you want to eat good food that tastes like the one at home, then visit the mami market to buy one. Canteens and restaurants are available for those who have enough money to eat. You will also be given meal ticket which you will use to collect your food from the kitchen. Value them like you value your phone. If your ticket is lost, you will miss the meal for that ticket.

7. Adjustment of kahki

The management of National Youth Service Corps officially give out the following clothing. One kahki & adventure boot, belt and white canvass wear, two white tops, shorts, stockings. You can always get a similar pair for yourself. If you are not lucky, the kahki will be oversize or undersize but don't you worry, you can find someone to quickly exchange with or find a tailor to trim the kahki for you.

8. Be open-minded

Yes you need to be open-minded in the camp. You will get to meet a lot of people with different behaviors and characteristics. Learn to understand their differences and flow with them. Don't build tension by making trouble, quarreling, bear grudges and fighting. You will be punished severely by the soldiers for fighting. They have the right to discipline you at the orientation camp.

9. How to charge your phones

During your stay at the nysc orientation camp you will find places to charge your phones and electronic gadgets at the Mami market. All you need do is pay the required fee and pick it when it is fully charged. I will advise you not to carry many heavy gadgets in other not to be stressed up at the camp. You can buy a power bank for yourself if necessary.

10. Money management

If you don't know how to manage money, then you need to start learning now before leaving for your national youth service corp orientation camp. There is no ATM at the orientation camp so mind how you spend your money.

11. Water supplies

Water is always scarce in all part of Nigeria. Even when you think it is available, you will be surprised that it is not evenly distributed to everyone at a considerate time. Excuses like there is no light, the tank is not in good condition, the water pump develops a problem or the queue is too long. So prepare to always fetch your water and store for the next day. As for drinking water, you can buy sachet or bottled water to be on a safer side. Don't just drink any water because you are tasty to avoid cholera or other water-borne diseases.

12. Avoid contracting diseases

Try as much as possible to avoid contracting diseases at the nysc orientation camp. The bathrooms and toilets are always in terrible state. You can get a bucket for relieving yourself and also don't just drink any water you see.

13. Pocket money

You will be paid a sum of N1,500 allowance once you arrived at the camp as your pocket money. Another sum is paid after few days on camp which is called (First ALLAWI). So spend it wisely.

14. Everything is queue

Prepare your mind to queue up for anything you need at the nysc orientation camp. There is no big boy, big girl or aristos at the camp. You are there to learn how to discipline yourself so respect the soldier's rules. When it is lights out, you shouldn't be found moving around the camp.

15. Prepare for pit bucket

Just buy a small bucket you can use for relieve purposes when the toilets and pill zones are in a bad shape.

16. Respect the soldiers

The orientation camp is where you go to learn how to discipline and respect people. Don't expect to display your attitude in public for an accolade. Don't think you can dare the soldiers because your father is a rich man or top politician. Some soldiers are ruthless and they have the authority to deal with you in the name of discipline.

17. Respect camp rules

The nysc camp rules are there to be respected. Make sure you do respect them and follow their regulations. The orientation camp rules will be communicated to each of you in a hand booklet. Also prepare for Midnight Fire Drill and the Endurance Road Walk during your stay at the camp. Always switch off your phone when ask to do so. Especially when on parade ground, do not operate your phone or receive a call. It will be seized and destroyed immediately.

18. Poor accommodation

Rooms are always in poor state. Do not expect to sleep in a comfortable room because you will be jam-packed in a room to learn to accommodate people in a room. Feel free to sleep together in the same room without making trouble.

19. Fellowships to attend

You will also find different types of fellowship to attend. The three major fellowship associations that are well recognized are Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), Nigerian Anglican Corpers Fellowship (NACC) and Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN). They conduct morning devotion and weekly services. Other similar fellowship associations you can also find on campus includes the Catholics, Christ embassy, Redeemed, winners, deeper life fellowship etc.

I hope this article helps you out there as you prepare for your National Youth Service orientation camp. good luck out there otondo.

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