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Sunday, 29 April 2018

5 Important tips for fresh corpers (corp Members) during nysc registration

Graduates from the university who are currently waiting for their compulsory one year National Youth Service programme are advised to adhere to the management of the National Youth Service Corps NYSC announcement. This is to ensure that you don't miss out during the nysc selection process. The nysc agency quoting a statement on their official website urges prospective corp members to be prompt and stick to the dates of registration when the portal is opened before it closes.

nysc corp member registration portal

Those who failed to register during the registration period will have to wait till next year.

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1. Avoid Thumb printing by proxy

During your nysc registration at the café, you are required to do the thumb printing by yourself. On no condition should you allow a friend, family relation or even your twin to go and do the thumb printing for you. The thumb printing will capture your fingerprints and save on the nysc computer database for screening and verification purposes. Even if you are hospitalized, don't thumbprint by proxy.

2. Upload a clear passport photograph

The passport photograph required from each corp member is a clear and clean photograph with white background. Make sure your passport meet the required size and it clearly displays your real face.

Try to avoid wearing a different hairstyle when taking your passport if you know you are going to look different. Also, don't wear glasses or ask your twin to take the passport for you no matter how much you look alike.

3. Keep your username and password safe

Some people are so careless that they don't attach much importance to their online details. Make sure you use a username and password that you won't forget easily. Don't use complex characters in your username that you will end up forgetting easily. Your username and password should be attached to a memorable event you know you can always remember quickly.

4. Use your official email address and valid phone number

When I mean official email address and phone number, I mean an email address that contains your real name and your real phone number. If your name is Philip Adwa, you should use or adwaphilip or any characters added to it. Don't use emails like adwabadoo or adwastarkid, philiphacker, etc. these emails don't make you look serious.

Also, use your original phone number to do your registration and not the one belonging to one of your friends or relation. If you don't have a phone, then buy one for yourself.

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5. Use your real matriculation number

Your valid matriculation number from the university you graduated from is a prerequisite for nysc registration. Prospective corp members are required to use their correct matriculation numbers to avoid unnecessary hassle and disqualification during the registration process. Most prospective corpers are so negligent and nonchalant that they don't seem to care much when conducting their registration.

It is expected that you gather all the information needed before starting your registration in other to finish smoothly in time.

This is because the National Youth Service Corp strictly warn that prospective youth corpers should always endeavor to conclude their registration in time before the registration portal is closed. And once the portal is closed, it won't be reopened again for further registration exercise. I hope you find this article valuable? if you have any questions, you can ask via the comment box below.

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