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Before applying for any university scholarship abroad, consider these 10 Important questions

Applying for scholarships to study abroad as a Nigerian is now very simple and easy. You can sit right there in front of your computer and apply for scholarship online to study abroad once you meet up with the requirements. So many foreign universities abroad allow students from Africa to apply for scholarship opportunities and college grants.

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Do you know that there are lot of things you must consider before applying for scholarship to study abroad?

Especially when you apply to study in a country you haven't been before, there are questions you need to answers before you make up your mind going over there. In this article, we have listed 10 important questions you need to ask yourself and be satisfied with the answers before you go ahead to apply for the scholarship you wish for.

1. Where will i Live?

Before responding to a scholarship offer from a university abroad, it is very important to know where and how you will be accommodated. Accommodation is very important and you need to know how the school intend to accommodate her students on scholarship. Are they giving you an accommodation on or off campus? Or will they have to give you money for your accommodation. Asked these questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answer before you accept the scholarship opportunity.

2. How will I be Feed

How does the university intend to provide feeding for their intake? Feeding is one of the most important things to provide for students. The brain needs food to function properly. You need to ask and be assured on how the university offering scholarships wish to feed her students. Will they provide the food for students at the school dining by offering dinning tickets or provide feeding allowances instead? Make sure you read the university prospectus because most of this information will be provided inside.

3. What is the number of students enroll from my country?

It is also very important for students applying for scholarship abroad to know the percentage of students enrolled from their country. You will feel confident and comfortable in a school environment where some of the students are from your country.

4. What is the school environment like?

You need to also know the proportion of students enrolled from other countries. You also need to know if there are some extracurricular activities, clubs and societies which are provided to students from your country. Also consider the nature of transportation system whether it is expensive or cheap. How easy it is to use the public transport system to walk around the school or town on a low budget.

5. Are they Job opportunities on Campus?

Ask to know if there are any university job opportunities you can get to work while you are studying. A lot of universities abroad offer on-campus jobs to students which they do and earn extra money. Even if there are no university job opportunities in that particular university, it's still cool to apply for.

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6. How much will be the cost of living? 

The cost of living also is very necessary to know about. How much you need to spend monthly during your stay studying your program is important to know. With that particular knowledge, you get to plan what to do next.

7. What is the Course structure?

You need to know the structure of the course you want to apply to study and how the course will be taught. Will the classes hold as lectures, or through online, or at seminars etc. will you be given the opportunity to interact with your lecturers and professors one on one or not? Will you be required to work individually or as a group? How many hours students will be required to spend in a week? Including other vital information concerning the course of study is also very important.

8. What is the job prospect of the course of study?

You need to know how demanding graduates from the course you are applying to study are needed at the labour market. A course with a good job prospect is worth every effort put to it. Weigh the job prospects of the course in the labour market before applying for the scholarship.

9. How have previous graduates in the course fare?

Students who have graduated from the university, how have they fared with their certificates? Do they do well or suddenly becomes flops after graduation. What organization or companies these alumni are working for? Will it be easy for you to work in these companies and organization following the same path after graduation? Do this meticulously and then decide.

10. Does the School have Reputation?

Graduating from a university with a poor reputation is never an option. Do a research on how reputable and respected the university is before applying for a scholarship to study there. Otherwise, you will end up with a defective certificate you won't be able to use anywhere even in Nigeria.

I hope you find this information vital and important. Please drop us a comment if you have any troubling question to ask.

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