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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Best courses for arts students in Nigerian universities

Most students choose to study Arts in elementary school days without knowing what particular field they want to major in at the university level. To some students, Arts may seem to be the simplest course to study in secondary school than pure science and social sciences. But the opposite is the case because the truth is that you need to study hard to make a good result no matter the course you are offering in school.

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Some students don't seem to know what courses are under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities until they buy jamb form and start filling it. This has been a major reason why almost all art students offer to go to school and read Law during their Jamb registration because they come to realize that Law is the only course under Arts that is lucrative and have a wide job opportunity.

Today, myschoolbam have selected the best art courses you can choose to study in the university before preparing for your UTME examinations. There is a wide list or courses under faculty of Arts and Humanities offered in colleges and universities in Nigeria. All these courses are very useful to the society if studies and practiced well with the right mindset.

Most students decide to go to school and study professional courses because of the wrong mindset to make money even when the field is not their calling. This reason among others is responsible for the poor output of graduates who can't be productive in the labour market. They instead choose to go for the certificate rather than been a master in their field of study. We wish to encourage you in this write up that, you can also find best courses in Faculty of Arts you can be proud of.

Here the list goes. If you just graduated from High school and you need to choose which department under Faculty of Arts you want to study and obtain a degree, then consider the following list of fields you can choose from. Getting a degree from one of these courses can help you develop as an individual or in any other aspect of life.

Courses candidates can apply for as students of arts include:

1. Law - Law has a wide job expectancy. You can be employed in any kind of work as a legal adviser if you practice as a lawyer. Law is considered the best course to study as an art student.

2. English Language

3. Nigerian Languages - Like Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba

4. Arabic language & Islamic studies - one of the largest languages in African. With a degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, you can be useful any kind of venture that needs contact with the language Arabic or Islamic culture. JAIZ Bank can employ you.

5. Literature in English

6. Russian Language

7. French language

8. German language,

9. History & International Relation

10. Creative arts - You can be employed in graphics and video animation industries. Creating short cartoon videos used in advertisements and designing of company logos.

11. Theatre and Performing arts - With a B.A. in Theatre Arts, you can be employed to train people how to dance, perform drama etc.

12. Languages & Linguistics

13. Religions - You can train to become a pastor or priest.

14. International studies - You can be employed to work with UN, AU, ILO, World Bank or other international organizations.

15. Fine and applied arts

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16. History,

17. Studio art

18. Music - with a degree in music, you can become a record producer, work in radio and Television stations.

19. African languages

20. Philosophy

21. European studies

22. Film studies

23. Communication arts

24. Cultural studies

25. Modern languages,

26. Religious management

27. Mass Communication.

Please note that, students who wish to apply for art courses under faculty of arts need to check the subject requirement recommended by each Nigerian university and colleges before you go ahead.

Also note that, there are some courses under Faculty of Social Sciences and commercial courses students of art can apply for if you can meet up the right subject combination for the course. For example Psychology, Economics, Political science, Sociology, Anthropology.

Hope this information helps you? Please share it with your friends and drop a comment below if you have any question.

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