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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

9 Reasons why Student Fail Exam after Studying so Hard

Most students usually fail exams despite reading and studying hard due to some common reasons. But the major reason for student failure in their exams is due to poor preparations toward their examinations. As a college student, whenever you don’t do well in your papers, both your parents and close associates would want to believe that it is because you failed to read and study hard. But unfortunately, the truth is not only failure to read and prepare well for exams is the reason for poor performances in school. Today, we will share, explore and expose some of the reasons student fail examinations despite reading and studying hard.

student fail exams

During my research on the causes of student failure in exams despite preparing hard, I came across the following popular keywords some students search for which includes: Reasons for failure of student, 25 reasons students fail college. This reveals that there is a problem that need solution. So if you are one of those looking for the solution to student failure in school despite studying hard, then you are reading the right article.

It is pertinent to note that, so many unfortunate circumstances can hinder one’s success in college as a student if you don’t take precautionary measures to avoid them. They might be harmless to you, but could be used by exam invigilators to frustrate you. Some of these habits are developed by the student themselves which later turns out to affect their performances in class.

Below are the list of factors that led to student failure in examination despite preparing so hard.

1. Reading only for Exams

Most average and poor students don’t seems to develop a good reading habit in them. They only tend to read when the exams are approaching. They relax too well and believe they can catch up with the time before the exams starts. This kind of attitude is very poor for a student. Reading makes you more expose, expand your horizon and keep your brain healthy and alert.

Your brain also tend to understand quickly when you read all the time. But if you only read for exams, you put more pressure to your brain and you are likely to forget what you read in the exam hall.

2. No Study Plan

Reading without a study plan is never a good habit to develop as a student. It is very important to develop one especially when you have a wide area of subjects to cover before the exams. Don’t just read any topic you come across, make sure you follow them chronologically in other to understand the concept well. By developing a proper reading plan, you should be able to cover your syllabus in time. Failure to develop a good study plan will lead to a disorganize reading and comprehension.

3. Poor Reading Habit

A poor reading is when you hardly concentrate when reading your books. The consequences of poor reading habit is sleeping while reading, repeating sentences severally without understanding and been distracted while reading. These acts are very common to students and when not curb, will affect your reading habit. When you nurture these poor reading habits, you tend to find it very difficult understanding what you are reading. You will discover that you read hard but still struggle to answer questions during examinations.

4. Cheating and Exam Malpractice

Cheating and exam malpractice is one of the worst attitude you should develop as a student. Cheating during examination is big offense in any part of the world and can lead to student expulsion from school when caught. Apart from been caught and expelled, cheating in the exams makes you a coward and dull student. You begin to think you can always cheat your way out of difficult situation when ideally you are supposed to proffer solutions. The purpose of exams is to test your knowledge and understanding but cheating defeats that purpose.

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5. Burning Midnight Candle

Burning the midnight candle simply means reading a bulk of books overnight to the exam day. This is the time most student consider very serious to read when in actually sense, it is the time you should take a break and relax your brain. Burning midnight candle only put your brain under pressure which the resultant effect will be forgetting what you actually read the next day during exams. It occurs mostly when you have not been reading but suddenly feel the need to read all that matters that night before the exams.

6. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is also one of the major reasons student perform very poor in their exams. When you don’t have confidence in yourself, you find it very difficult answering questions in class. You always think that your answers are wrong then you keep them to yourself. This kind of attitude can affect your performance in the exams negatively even when you think you have study hard and prepare well for the exams.

7. Lackadaisical Attitude towards Exam Rules

Lackadaisical attitude includes coming late to the exam hall, not reading and adhering to the examination rules and regulations, making noise during exams, moving from one desk to another, exchanging examination question paper and scripts, forgetting your exam card, not registering for a course, etc. all these nonchalant act can make you fail your exams even when you seem to study hard for the exams.

8. Failure to Meet Examination Requirements

Each college or university have her own examination requirements students have to meet up before been allowed to write the exams. If you don’t meet up these requirements, even when you read and study hard, you will still not pass your exams. Some of the requirements includes not attending 70 percent of lectures, failure to write assessment test or submit assignments, coming to the exam hall very late, not paying your tuition and exam fee. Make sure you adequately meet up these requirements before you go in to write your papers.

9. Not Been Prayerful

Most people believe in prayers while the non-religious people don’t. Although the sad truth is that you can’t rely only on prayers to pass your exam. You need to work hard first, then commit your hard work to bear fruits through prayers. God still answer prayers but you don’t have to neglect your part. Commit everything in God’s hands through prayers and you will pass your papers in flying colors.

So if you want to be a serious student and come out with successful grades in college, then you need to avoid these reasons listed above or any other ones that are preventing your success in school. You will definitely start seeing positive change towards your academic activities. Hope you find this article useful.

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