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Thursday, 1 November 2018

What is Honor Roll?

Honor roll is a compile list of the best students or performers displayed in a public place for the sake of honor or acknowledgement. The honor roll sometimes spelt as honour roll according to the British English, contain the names of people who have achieved a lot in their various career path, or whom has contributed to the society hence need to be recognized as such. According to define honor roll as a list of students who have earned grades above a specific average during a semester or school year. That is in some colleges or universities, the best students are selected by the school according to their grades at the end of the semester or school session then listed as honor roll students for that academic year.

honor roll gpa

This honorary achievement is normally given to students as a mark of respect for their ability and exceptional performance in academics. Today we shall explain the following terms which includes Honor roll awards, how honor roll system works, honor roll grades explained etc.

Honor Roll Awards

Honor roll award comes in various types according to the achievements of the student or person receiving the award. The award can be inform of medals, Pins, trophies, certificates, buttons, stickers, diploma covers, frames and display boards, t-shirts, folders, diary, seals, ribbons, recognition and incentives, plagues, embossers, medal accessories, pin accessories, academics, citizenship, honor roll, stock certificates, student recognition, service, pencils and pens, participation, graduate items, star awards, value items, paw awards, testing awards and incentives, professional recognition and many others including recognized events or actions.

Whatever an honor roll award is, the purpose is to recognize the awardee for their outstanding performances and service which is regarded as exceptional. Honorary award are not only given to students in academics, they are also given to other special category of persons in music, performing arts, athletes, service men, scientific discovery, and any other profession or career path that has contributed a lot to the society through research and development.

How Honor Roll System Works

The honor roll system is used for the purpose of recognizing the academic achievement of students and awarding them for their exceptional performance.

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Honor Roll Grade Explained

Honor roll grade are considered based on the students’ performance grades in school. We have High honor roll and honor roll grades. A student will be listed on the High honor roll sometimes called principal’s honor roll only if they make all A’s in their courses. But a student who earn A’s and B’s grade with at least one C will be placed on the Honor Roll list. We shall explain it below:

Honor Roll with Distinction: Students who earns A’s in all courses and have a GPA of 4.0 or above.

High Honor Roll: Students who earn A’s and B’s in their courses with no grade below B and a GPA of 3.50 +.

Honor Roll: Students who earn a B average in all courses with no grade below C and a GPA of 3.0 – 3.49.

Honor Roll Student

An honor roll student is a student who is recognized for his or her outstanding academic achievement listed on published periodicals throughout the school year. Known as honor rolls, the student are listed on the school magazine as a mark of respect to their exceptional performance.

How to Get High Honor Roll Grade in School

To get on the high honor roll grade in school, you must be a serious student that make straight A’s in all your courses to make the list.

Who Gets on the Honors Roll List?

Many student tend to ask this question ‘How do I get on the Honor Roll?’ To get on the honor roll list as a student, you will have to meet up with the requirements set by your school. Each college or university has her own honor roll requirements for recognizing the academic achievement of her students.

Warren Hills Regional High School listed the following requirement for the honor roll list.

Principal’s Honor Roll
All grades must be an A that is 90 marks and above.

High Honor Roll
All grades must be a B that is 83 marks or better and a grade average of A- 90 must be attained.

Honor Roll
All grades must be a B-80 or better and a grade average of B 83 must be attained.

So if a student wants to be on the honor’s roll list, you must have to score at least a B in all your courses.

The Magnolia Junior High School honor roll requirements includes the following;
A student must have at least 3.0 GPA on a trimester report card and no unsatisfactory grades in citizenship a.k.a No “U”s.

Then the Honor Rolls Ranks are as follows:
Bronze = 3.00 to 3.49 GPA
Silver = 3.50 to 3.99 GPA
Gold = 4.00 GPA (straight As)

The Honor Roll Prizes includes:
Bronze Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, tardy pass, homework pass, and leave early to lunch the last Friday of every month.

Silver Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, homework pass, tardy pass, front of the line pass, free gram, and leave early to lunch every other Friday.

Gold Prizes: Honor Roll t-shirt, 2 homework passes, tardy pass, 2 front of the line passes, free dance concession item or free gram, and a leave early to lunch every Friday.
All honor students are recognized during the trimester academic rallies of the school.

For Portville Central School, they consider all courses towards the honor roll. Her eligibility for honors is that, a student must have an average of 85. High honors – a student must have a 92 average. So for awarding an Honor and High honor certificates, a student must maintain an 85 average or better for the first three semester period.

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Also note that you can be denied of this achievement if your attitude is uncooperative and a student can be eliminated from the honors roll list distinction due to poor attitude. So make sure you maintain a good character and take your studies seriously.

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