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JAMB CAPS Login: How to Accept 2018/2019 Admission Status on JAMB Portal

JAMB CAPS Login is a system introduced by JAMB to allow candidates who are seeking for admission into the university, to login their jamb portal and check for their admission status. According to Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), all UTME and Direct Entry candidates are supposed to login the jamb portal to check their admission status, if offered admission, they can then accept or reject the institution they have been offered admission.
 jamb news
This is the recent development for admitting candidates into the university after choosing institutions of their choice.

Procedures to Follow

All jamb candidates are hereby advised to follow these procedures below to check their admission status and confirm their 2018/2019 jamb admission status on their jamb profile by accessing the jamb CAPS login. Through the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), every candidate will notify the management whether they accept or reject the admission offered to them according to the institution.

1. Go to the jamb caps login official portal at and login using a computer through chrome browser for easy accessing.

2. You should now login the jamb caps portal with the email and password you created through your jamb account.

3. After logged in successfully, click on the options button that is the button with three dashes located at the top of the page.

4. You should see CAPS under the tag 'Admissions'. Then click on it and the Jamb CAPS login page will display.

5. The next page will show ‘welcome’ but you will have to click on options of the mobile browser and change the page to ‘desktop view’. That is if you are accessing it with your mobile phone.

6. Click on ‘Admission Status’ at the left-hand side of the page.

7. Then all your details will be displayed. Your admission status will also be displayed. That is if you have been admitted, you can now accept admission or reject admission on this page.

What if am not admitted yet?

If the page shows “admission in progress, check back later” under the Admission status, it means your school of choice has not yet released their admission list so you have to wait and check next time using the same procedure in this article. I hope you find this information useful.

How to get jamb scores over 300 in your next UTME Examination

Every jamb candidates wish to score above 300 in their UTME examination. This has been the reason why some of them indulge in examination malpractice while others are been scammed trying to Upgrade their Jamb results. Every year, over millions of students in Nigeria who are seeking for admission into the University register for Jamb and less than 50% make the required cut-off mark which is so discouraging for a society with huge desire to go to school and be educated.

over 300 scores in jamb

What has been the problem? Why can't these candidates write and pass their jamb examination in large numbers?

Here we will provide a practical solution to your problems and assist you on how to write and pass your jamb this time around. With our honest advice, you can even score above 300 and gain the admission you so desire.

How to Score 300 or above in your Jamb examination? 
Writing jamb and getting over 300 scores is not rocket science neither it is for only brilliant students but hard work, dedication and some tricks. If you understand how jamb set their questions, study the past jamb questions called Q&A, then you should be on the right track to success. Here Myschoolbam is going to give you the BAM! You need to prepare and score high in your jamb result.

As you prepare for your upcoming jamb examinations, consider these 13 tips to get the best jamb scores and gain university admission this time.

1. Consider reading your JAMB syllabus

When preparing for your jamb examination, after purchasing your jamb form, make sure you get the recommended jamb syllabus and study them properly. Jamb syllabus is very important because jamb set their questions from the syllabus. So consider it as a vital tool for passing your jamb. Follow the guide stated in the jamb syllabus and you will find it so easy to pass your jamb with flying colours.

2. Select the right Subject combination

You are required to write only 4 subjects in your UTME exams that correspond with the course you choose. The right subject combination is very important as regards the course you are seeking university admission for. If you choose the wrong subject combination, it will affect your admission status negatively.

3. Make a Reading Timetable

You should be aware that you are writing only 4 subjects in your jamb with Use of English as a compulsory subject. Create a timetable for the recommended subjects you are writing and start reading. Make sure you keep to your timetable judiciously, read and understand every bit of the topic from the syllabus.

4. Identify your weak subjects and improve on them

Identify the subjects you perform very poorly and improve on them. Read the topics you don't understand repeatedly until you get to understand them. When solving the jamb questions, concentrate on your weak subjects and improve on them.

5. Don't ignore your Strengths

Improving on the subjects you perform poorly doesn't mean you should ignore your strengths. I have heard some candidates complain about making poor grades from subjects they consider as their favorite. When you concentrate more on reading other subjects while neglecting your best subject because you think you know it well, you can end up like them. So don't ignore your strengths.

6. Read very well

Read every bit of the topic listed on the jamb syllabus and never skip any. Reading all the topics gives you a good confidence and a bright judgement to even guess the right answer at random. When you read very well, you develop a good reading habit and also prepare yourself for the post UTME examinations after your jamb result is out.

7. Consider recommended textbooks

Don't just decide to read any textbook you find in the library. Only read jamb recommended textbooks as stated in the jamb syllabus given to you when you bought the jamb form. Jamb uses the language of the recommended textbooks in setting their questions. Make sure you read the compulsory use of English text recommended to all jamb candidates.

8. Study past jamb questions

Try to get the past and current jamb questions and study them well. Study the language and tricks jamb use to set their questions and get accustom to it. Most jamb candidates fail their jamb because of fear of the unknown. When you get accustom with the jamb questions, you do away with fear.

9. Practice Jamb CBT

There are free jamb cbt also known as jamb computer-based test software around you can get it install on your smartphone or computer and practice. Jamb also gives you free jamb cbt software for practice after you purchase the jamb form.

10. Attend Extra-mural classes

Look for a good extra-mural or extra lessons class and attend to improve your reading habit and skills as you prepare for your jamb.

11. Organize study groups

You can organize a group of serious students within your class to form a quiz group and practice past jamb questions together.

12. Remember to set a goal

Setting a goal here means making a promise that you will get a particular range of scores in your jamb examination. You should start setting up goals right from the time you are studying your past Jamb question materials. If you set a target goal that you are going to get at least 75% on each subject you are writing in your jamb, then you should make not less than 300 in your jamb result.

Practice these with your jamb past questions and try to reach that goal. Make sure you don't stop until you reach your goal. By doing this, you develop a zeal and desire for success.

13. Keep tabs on Jamb latest news

Always keep yourself updated with the latest jamb news available from jamb portal. You don't have to miss out any vital information that will affect your exam preparation and admission status in future. We will surely be updating you with the latest information and necessary advice you need here on our blog. Thank you.

How to get University admission without writing Jamb

Do you know you can actually get admission at the university even without your jamb result? A lot of students have been asking this same question whether they can gain university admission without writing jamb. Yes, it is possible that you don't have to pass your jamb exams before you go to the university.
get admission university without writting jamb

There are so many ways to get into the university without jamb result and they are legit. If you are one of the students struggling each year to make at least 200 scores in your jamb examination, then I am grateful to announce to you that I will show you how you can scale through the jamb hustle and go to the university you always dream of.

Jamb examination has been frustrating to many students out there especially those who don't prepare well before writing the exams.

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There is a saying that if you don't plan to succeed, then you are already planning to fail. There is a general belief from some students that you must have to write jamb before you get admission into the university. Some even believe that once you fail your jamb, there is no way you can further your education in Nigeria which is not true. Here I will be telling some of you who had this impression for long and keep on writing jamb for years without making the required scores how you can further your education without needing to get the required jamb score.

Instead of writing JAMB and POST UTME examinations every year and waiting for Jamb admission to no avail, you should rather opt for another method to gain admission into the university or further your studies to a higher level. Some of the most effective and legit ways to gain admission into the university without writing JAMB and POST UTME examinations include:

Gain admission through IJMB: 

IJMB means Interim Joint Admission Matriculation Board. This program is one of the effective ways to get admitted into the University without writing Jamb. The IJMB program doesn't require you to write jamb and get at least 200 scores before you gain admission at the university. When you attend the IJMB program which normally runs for a duration of 12 to 18 months you will be offered admission through direct entry provided you get the required points.

Most universities from Northern Nigeria and few West and Eastern regions of Nigeria also consider the IJMB result. Some of the popular universities that accept IJMB results from the East and West regions of Nigeria are University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun state, Ekiti State University, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, University of Ilorin, University of Ibadan, Abia state university etc. all you need do is merit your IJMB program and you will be admitted to the University.

National Open University of Nigeria: 

National Open University (NOUN) has admitted hundreds of thousands of students since her inception. Candidates who are offered admission into this institution are not required to write jamb. You also don't need any POST UTME exams before you will be given admission to read the course of your choice.

Many students have graduated from National Open Universities with their degree certificate and even went for the compulsory National Youth Service Corp NYSC programme for university graduates.
This tertiary institution is legit as far as Nigeria is concern. So if you want to study your degree course at NOUN, then follow the admission application procedure to obtain your admission form. You must meet the qualification requirement which is making at least 5 credits in your O level results.

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Gain admission through Cambridge A level Program: 

The Cambridge A level program is also one of the effective ways of getting admission into the university without writing Jamb. This program is organized within the school for a period between 12 to 18 months and at the end of the program, students are required to write examination and merit a certain grade before they can be offered admission. Upon merit, a student can apply to any other university and be admitted through direct entry.

Gain admission through HND:

With your Higher National Diploma, you can be admitted to some university to year two if you don't want to proceed with your NYSC. If you think you need a degree certificate instead of an HND certificate, then switching to the university is your best choice. Here you won't be required to write jamb before you will be admitted through direct entry.

Meanwhile, other ways that can help you gain admission into Nigerian universities without writing jamb are through Diploma, Special certificate and part-time programs organized within the school.