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How to check N-Power Pre-selection status on their portal

N-Power has released guidelines and procedures on how to check pre-selection status on their online portal. If you have registered on N-Power portal recently or you are interested in participating in the N-Power program, then do that as soon as possible before registration for new applicants will be closed.

n-power Nigeria portal

The Federal government empowerment scheme has done a lot of positive things to Nigerian graduates who are participants in the on-going scheme. If you are currently participating in the N-Power Federal government scheme, then am sure you are already reaping the benefits from this wonderful program.

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If you are qualified for the n-power FG scheme, then don't hesitate to register and become part of this amazing project scheme. N-power is a Federal government scheme that started in 2016. So far n-power has recorded over 500,000 applicants who are hired and paid monthly on a volunteer job for two years before offered permanent government jobs. Unfortunately, the n-power recruitment for 2018 portal maybe closed but you can check it frequently when the portal will be open again for the recruitment process.

New n-power applicants can now check their pre-selection status using their registered phone number or BVN on the n-power portal. Below is a listed guide that shows you how to check your pre-selection status on n-power portal as an applicant. This instruction was released recently in a statement posted on n-power official twitter handle for applicants to follow. This is how to go about it.

6 simple steps you can follow to check your pre-selection status on N-power Nigeria. 

1. Visit and insert any of the following information.

Your registered phone number,

BVN or valid email address in the search box.

Then your name will be displayed on the page if you are pre-selected.

2. You will then receive an email or SMS congratulating you on your pre-selected status.

3. ow what you need is to prepare for the physical verification process which is necessary.

4. The physical verification process will be conducted soon but you can find out more information about that on n-power official twitter page @npower_ng phone numbers have been provided for applicants to ask questions.

I wish you all the best of luck in checking your pre-selected status and physical verification. Good-luck.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment and Salary Structure

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2018 portal may have been closed for this year, but there is still going to be another recruitment maybe next year or soon. For those candidates who missed out on the recent navy recruitment, all is not lost. You may be lucky next time when the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal is open for new applicants. Just keep to date with all the Nigerian navy news and watch out when next the Navy recruitment portal is opened again for registration.

 Nigeria navy recruitment portal

For those who are seeking to enroll for the Nigerian navy because you have heard a lot about their salary structure, here we provide you with an approximate salary structure of the Nigerian navy according to their ranks. We also give a little information about when the Nigerian Navy was established, how their Nigerian Navy officers are ranked, why you should apply for Nigerian Navy and also the requirement needed for applicants.

Here you go.

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Origin of Nigerian Navy: 

The Nigerian Navy is one among the arms of the Nigerian forces. The origin of the Nigerian Navy is traced back to the Colonial Marine Department of the then Royal Navy. The Royal Navy was established in 1887 before the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate to form Nigeria by Lord Frederick Lugard. It was established as a quasi-military organization with a combined role of carrying out port duties and also securing inland waterways of Nigeria.

It was the primary duty of the royal navy to provide protection to Nigeria, look after the ports, coastal approaches and provide harbor services to ships sailing across West Africa. This continued until after the Second World War in 1945 when Nigerians began to agitate for the establishment of Nigerian Navy. Then in 1956, the marine department was merged together to form the Nigerian Naval force which was later renamed Naval Defence Force (NDF) of Nigeria. You can read more of the history of the origin of the Nigerian Navy from the official website here

Nigerian Navy rankings: 

If you have always wanted to know how the Nigerian Navy ranks its officers, then surely you are on the right page. Below we listed the full ranks of the Nigerian Navy for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

For commissioned officers, there are 12 ranks which are as follows from the top to the lowest.

1. Admiral of the Fleet,

2. Admiral,

3. Vice-Admiral,

4. Rear Admiral,

5. Commodore,

6. Captain,

7. Commander,

8. Lieutenant Commander,

9. Lieutenant,

10. Sub-Lieutenant,

11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant,

12. Mid-Shipman.

While the Nigerian Navy Ranks for non-commissioned officers is arranged as follows: Here there are just 7 ranks for officers.

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer,

2. Chief Petty Officer,

3. Petty Officer,

4. Leading Rating,

5. Able Rating,

6. Ordinary Rating,

7. Trainee.

The Chiefs of Naval Staff is the highest ranking in the hierarchy of the Nigerian Navy force.

When Nigerian Navy recruitment commences: 

The Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise is organized from time to time whenever there is a vacancy to fill. The recruitment application registration form is released on the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal for applicants to visit and download the recruitment application form, fill and submit it as directed. All you need to do is keep yourself abreast on all Nigerian Navy news to know when recruitment forms are out.

The salary structure of Nigerian Navy: 

Here are the salary structures of the Nigerian Navy officers based on their ranking. This is just approximated earnings because the actual salary structures of navy may be slightly more or less than the amount listed here. So don't assume they are the actual amount stated here.

  • Admiral is paid over N16 million per year and that is over N1 million per month.
  • Vice Admiral receives about N13 million per year which is over N1 million per month.
  • Rear-Admiral earns over N12 million annually which is also around N1 million per month.
  • Commodore receives over N7 million a year which means they are paid over N600, 000 per month.
  • Captain receives close to N4 million per year that is around N300, 000 per month.
  • Commander receives over N3 million yearly which translates to over N250, 000 per month.

These are the highest ranking officers and their salary structure in the Nigerian Navy. Please note that these amounts maybe accurate or slightly different from the original salary structure but it at least gives a hint of how much they collect at the end of the year and month.

Why Join the Nigerian Navy: 

The Nigerian Navy is one of the most prestigious and sought jobs ever in Nigeria. Everybody is striving to be a Navy officer because of their respect and prestige. They are been paid a lot as your rank grows higher, your annual salary also increases. The navy officers also enjoy some benefits and allowances aside their salary. This makes their job very attractive to most applicants.

Qualification required

The Nigerian Navy recruitment is most times open to both graduates and undergraduates and all you have to do is meet up with the qualification stated on the Nigerian Navy portal then follow the recruitment guide carefully. The requirements for Nigerian navy recruitment is always listed boldly on the navy recruitment portal and most at times, they include the following requirement which it is expected that all applicants must dully meet up with.

Candidates with the following defects are not allowed to apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment:

  • Previous Orthopaedic Operation, 
  • Is short-sighted, 
  • have ear problem, 
  • have a flat foot, 
  • fracture, 
  • a stammered person, 
  • a less than required height (at least 1.70 metres for male and 1.67 metres for female), 
  • any natural disability. 

Other requirements includes: 

  • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level, 
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND), 
  • Secondary School Certificate with at least 5 credits. (WAEC, NECO or GCE), 
  • The WAEC City and Guilds or The London City and Guilds.

How to Join the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exercise? 

Currently, vacancies are not opened yet but you can always visit the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal to get updates. Visit at and always or bookmark our blog, subscribe to get the latest on Nigerian navy news. I hope you find this post useful? Please like and share with your friends' thank you.