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Online easy money making jobs for college students

Making some money online as a student can be quite easier than you think. All you need is the right information and some smart work to make the dollars while you are still in school. Most online internet marketers made their first thousands and millions while in school. You can also make such amount if you understand the ropes, discover a working strategy and stick to it.

make money online college students

After reading one of my articles here on on the topic 10 Ways college students can make money in school, a lot of students out there ask questions like How to make money while in school? How can I make money right now? How can I earn money while in college? Easy ways to make money as a student etc. the truth is that, you can discover a lucrative idea online, give your little time and develop it to make you money.

All you need is a dedication and some thinking out of the box. You don't even need too much hard work to succeed online as a student; you just need to figure out a solution to a problem and get paid to solve the problem. Here I will show you some online jobs you can use to make money as well as ways you can earn money online while still in school. Please, you need to understand that your priority should be your studies and it should take most of your time.

Online Freelance jobs

If you have some skilled services you know you can do very well, then you can offer these services on freelance websites and make a lot of money. You can earn a living as a freelancer offering video creation, animation, graphic designing, article writing, writing projects, website design, cartoon and other digital services. You can find hundreds of thousands of jobs to offer online and people will be ready to purchase if you can give them what they want. Some freelance website will just pay you for reading books, doing reviews, reading emails etc. some of the best freelance websites are Upwork, Elance, Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

Sell ebooks

Selling ebooks online as a student is a goldmine if you are yet to discover this. A friend of mine who is 200 Level in Benue State University introduced me to ebooks selling and he makes a lot of money from it. If you know how to write good stories, tutorials, how to dos, provide solutions to problems, then put them in writing and convert it to ebook. You can sell these ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, Blurb, Lulu, Tradebit, Payhip, E-junkie, Gospaces, CreateSpace and making some money.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you make money through selling other people's products or services and you get paid a commission. It is also one of the easiest ways to make money online as a student if you have some audience you can convince. For the students out there who can't stay off social media, if you have a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or you have a large Whatsapp or telegram group, you can advertise some affiliate offers to them and get paid whenever they click on your affiliate link and buy.

You can register with affiliate sites like Moreniche, CJ, Konga, Jumia, ClickBank, Shopify etc there are a whole lot of them on the internet. Instead of spending the whole lot of your time on chats and some silly comments and argument following some naughty trends just to feel among, why not use that time and make some cash. You can sell items like clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, movies, musical albums etc.

Sell viral content on Topbuzz

Viral contents are articles, photos, videos or memes that circulate easily. They are interesting content that everyone wants to read and share with others for them to read also. If you know how to craft an idea that will trend easily on the internet, then that's money for you as a student. Create viral videos like funny skits similar to that of mark Angel, educative and tutorial articles, gif photos and memes, then publish them at least 5 daily on Topbuzz. By month end, you will make some real cash.

Start a Personal Tutorial Blog

Blogging is not that easy to make money from as a beginner because it needs a lot of effort, determination, time and money to make your blog stand out in the crowd. With the number of blogs springing out so fast recently in the blogosphere, so many niches are been saturated so it won't be easy to make a breakthrough.

But if you think you can face the challenge like some of us, then I assure you that with time, you will begin to see a lot of profit from blogging. Make sure you don't abandon your studies and go for full-time blogging. It could be tempting but that will be the biggest mistake you will ever make and live to regret it. Tutorial blogs are one of the most lucrative and profitable blog to own and maintain as a college students.

Setup a Vlogging service

Setting up a Vlogging service is quite similar to Topbuzz but here you will be publishing your videos on YouTube. Vlogging is one of the sure and steady ways of making money online as a student. All you need to do is identify a particular niche you are good at, study it well and start making video tutorials that solve people's problems. Your channel will grow faster and you will begin to earn easy money through adverts place on your tutorial videos.

Resell stuff online

Sell your old stuff through eBay or set up an e-commerce site you can be selling books you no longer need again or school items like stationery etc.

Design Mobile apps

If you know how to design mobile applications very well, then that is a goldmine for you as well. If you don't know, I urge you to enroll for a tutorial as soon as possible. You can design a compiled past questions and answers on any particular course such as GST, Jamb, Waec, Neco, Nabteb, Post-UTME etc and sell to make money. You can enroll for the Google Udacity African Scholarship for web and Android developers to learn skills in developing web and mobile apps.

Design websites

If you are skilled enough to design a website as a student, you are already on your way to making some money. You can be hired by your school to design their website. You can also organize tutorials to teach people how to design and develop websites and they will pay you.

You can also offer website designing services on fiverr, venture into website or domain flipping and make some money out of it. This online business is cool and profitable for students too. Web development business is very lucrative for a college student to venture into.

Write Projects for Students

Provide project topics and help people write projects online. Answer questions on steemit and get paid.

They are endless opportunities. Just find a need on the internet and provide a solution and you will see how they will rush to pay you and get their problems solved. I hope you find this information useful and educative. please like and share this post with your friends. thank you.

10 Ways college students can make money in school

As a college student, finding ways to make ends meet and keep your studies at the top is quite a challenge especially when you are an average student. It is not always easy for students who source for tuition fee themselves because most at times, you can't get a reliable job that pays a reasonable amount with just little of your time spent.

ways college students make money

Be that as it may, there are still some good ways out there you can use to make cool money while in school without putting your studies in jeopardy.

Here in this article, we shall discuss how to make money as a college student while in school.

1. Apply for scholarships and grants

Some colleges and universities have a lot of scholarship opportunities and grants for their students. In one of my blog post here on, I discuss why you need to start looking for scholarship opportunities before it's too late. This blog post will guide you and give you tips on how to get a successful scholarship grant while in school. Scholarship grants are free money given to a student by merit.

These grants are offered by Governments, NGOs, schools, charity organizations, religious centres etc. if you are awarded a scholarship, your other financial expenses won't be much if not eliminated.

2. Offer your services for cash

Like this popular adage that says "nothing goes for nothing" you can be offering your services and charge a fee. No matter how small it seems, with time it grows bigger. Most people don't appreciate free offers because they are not adequately done properly. So sell your services and make sure they are worth the price. During my time in college, I configure people's phones and laptops for free browsing and collect my fee.

I also type people's project and assignments, print their examination cards and course forms and they pay me well. Once you have the necessary equipment, you can even start it in the hostels.

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3. Organize tutorials in school

They say what you know is valuable and worth millions if you use it wisely. You can organize tutorials and teach people what you know that is valuable to them. If you know programming very well, website designing, video creation, and animation, photo editing, cartoon creation, how to bake bread, cakes and ceremonial cakes, excel and Peachtree, Corel draw etc. anything valuable is worth money.

You can teach them how to make money from the knowledge you are giving them. Just do it effectively and they will gladly pay for your services.

4. Open a Saloon on campus

If you are talented in making hair, doing nails or makeups, you should advertise your services to your course mates and offer them for a fee. You can be making a lot of money if you engage them properly. Get tips from what local saloon shops around you charge for the same services and then reduce your price such that you will still be making a profit.

Big events like Valentine's Day, beauty pageants, weddings etc will fetch you some cash. For the guys, you can adopt similar strategies and make you cash with hairstyle barbing. You can be giving guys dreadlocks, Olamide hairstyle, Korede Bello hairstyle etc.

5. Open a snack and Juice shop

If you are good at baking bread, cakes and juice making, you can take advantage of this and make a lot of money. People now prefer eating more of natural food than synthetic so a blend of juice on a cake will so much be appreciated by many. You can make doughnuts, bread, cakes etc and juice like soy milk, pineapple, orange, mango, carrots juice etc.

Post flyers with tantalizing pictures of the cakes, doughnuts, meat pie and juice to invite customers. Avoid selling things that will take too much of your time to prepare. Remember your studies need you more. You can read this article on how to make straight A's in school to maintain good grades while in school.

6. Look for tip jobs as a student

Most employers hire students in their workplace for a tip job. You need to let your employer know that you are a student and need just a part-time job to keep you going in school. You will be allowed to come around, do some quick job, receive a tip, then return to class for your studies.

You can be serving or tending to bars in restaurant, clubs or hotels. Never abandon your school just because you got a job that pays you well. It is never a wise idea. Unless you have a unique talent which is reliable and can sustain you without requiring a sound educational background.

7. Use your skills to make money

If you are skilled on a particular work like painting, building, welding and fabrication, CCTV installation, tiles fixing, roofing, room d├ęcor etc, the school will be comfortable in hiring their students than an outsider.

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8. Sell your stuff online

If you have a lot of unused properties, then you can make money with them by selling them on eBay and other online stores. You can also sell on Jumia and Konga to receive earnings. Or engage in affiliate marketing by helping other companies sell their products for a fee.

9. Use your car if you have one

Students who have cars in school can run a taxi service and earn some cash for the main time. You can take students to school and charge some money or run a town service. If you can register as an uber driver in the city, that's a big advantage for you.

10. Open a Video game house

I could remember when a corper who was serving in my place started a video game. It was a boom business to him until he passed out. So making money as a college student, you don't need to work very hard. Just work smart and hit the right strategy. That's all. I hope you find this information very useful? you can take your time to read other interesting articles here, like and share our articles with your friends. thank you.