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Google Udacity African Scholarship Program and How to Apply

Are you a programmer or aspiring to be a programmer but you don't know how to? Are you one of the people residents in African countries who want to be a web or mobile software developer? If your answers are yes and you are at least 18 years of age, then I encourage you to apply for the Udacity Google web and Android development scholarship meant for Africans resident in Africa. Udacity provides the opportunity for aspiring developers from Africa to be among the best web and Android developers.

Android and web application development scholarship
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The program provides grants scholarships to students living in Africa and Udacity are the full sponsors of this scholarship.

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What is Google Udacity?

Google Udacity is a web and android scholarship program made available to aspiring developers currently living in African countries. According to Google, that they already organized a partnership with Andela and Udacity to provide fifteen thousand "single course" scholarships and five hundred nanodegree scholarships to persons aspiring to be developers in African countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya etc. candidates who want to participate in this scholarship must be at least eighteen years of age and live in Africa.

This simply means Africans resident outside Africa will not be eligible to apply for the scholarship program. That is a person born in Africa and currently living outside Africa does not qualify to apply for the Google Udacity African scholarship program.

How I knew about Google Udacity Scholarship for Africans

Well, I seem to get the information late on my end but when some of my friends were awarded the scholarship, I asked and was told that the scholarship was announced in April and it was on TVs, online adverts and newspapers. This is a golden opportunity I never wish to pass me by. I will keep tabs for the next 2019/2020 application data to be announced.

How to Apply for Udacity African Scholarship

The Udacity scholarship application 2018/2019 is already closed and successful candidates enlisted. The application was announced by Google on April 24th, 2018, Successful recipient was notified on May 2nd, 2018 and the program will begin on May 8th, 2018. Meanwhile, to apply for this Google African scholarship, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in Africa.

The application process is simple and straightforward. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you have to indicate whether you are interested in learning Android development or web development. You will also choose whether you are a beginner or already had some experience in programming.

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Once an applicant is accepted, they will be placed in the beginner or intermediate level based on their development skills or experience. At the end of the Udacity scholarship program, top students from each track will be awarded another full scholarship to one of Google's Android or Web development Nanodegree programs.

So who is Eligible for this Scholarship?

To gain one of these scholarships, applicants must be at least 18 years old and resident in one of the African countries.


An approved Scholarship application is necessary, A laptop or desktop computer with good specs and features. Make sure the webcam is working fine. A stable internet connection, Your time is important. Your interest is paramount.

How will the Scholarship Program take place?

The program will be conducted 100% online and you can participate wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. Although you can organize an in-person meet up with your classmates if you are living together.

Benefits of the Google Udacity Africa Scholarship program

You get to learn important skills that will advance your career in mobile and web development; you experience world-class curriculum development ideas from Google and Udacity experts; You also get to meet a large community of mobile and web developers across Africa.

For More Information, visit the Udacity Google Africa Scholarship Program Official Page.

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5 Important tips for fresh corpers (corp Members) during nysc registration

Graduates from the university who are currently waiting for their compulsory one year National Youth Service programme are advised to adhere to the management of the National Youth Service Corps NYSC announcement. This is to ensure that you don't miss out during the nysc selection process. The nysc agency quoting a statement on their official website urges prospective corp members to be prompt and stick to the dates of registration when the portal is opened before it closes.

nysc corp member registration portal

Those who failed to register during the registration period will have to wait till next year.

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1. Avoid Thumb printing by proxy

During your nysc registration at the café, you are required to do the thumb printing by yourself. On no condition should you allow a friend, family relation or even your twin to go and do the thumb printing for you. The thumb printing will capture your fingerprints and save on the nysc computer database for screening and verification purposes. Even if you are hospitalized, don't thumbprint by proxy.

2. Upload a clear passport photograph

The passport photograph required from each corp member is a clear and clean photograph with white background. Make sure your passport meet the required size and it clearly displays your real face.

Try to avoid wearing a different hairstyle when taking your passport if you know you are going to look different. Also, don't wear glasses or ask your twin to take the passport for you no matter how much you look alike.

3. Keep your username and password safe

Some people are so careless that they don't attach much importance to their online details. Make sure you use a username and password that you won't forget easily. Don't use complex characters in your username that you will end up forgetting easily. Your username and password should be attached to a memorable event you know you can always remember quickly.

4. Use your official email address and valid phone number

When I mean official email address and phone number, I mean an email address that contains your real name and your real phone number. If your name is Philip Adwa, you should use or adwaphilip or any characters added to it. Don't use emails like adwabadoo or adwastarkid, philiphacker, etc. these emails don't make you look serious.

Also, use your original phone number to do your registration and not the one belonging to one of your friends or relation. If you don't have a phone, then buy one for yourself.

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5. Use your real matriculation number

Your valid matriculation number from the university you graduated from is a prerequisite for nysc registration. Prospective corp members are required to use their correct matriculation numbers to avoid unnecessary hassle and disqualification during the registration process. Most prospective corpers are so negligent and nonchalant that they don't seem to care much when conducting their registration.

It is expected that you gather all the information needed before starting your registration in other to finish smoothly in time.

This is because the National Youth Service Corp strictly warn that prospective youth corpers should always endeavor to conclude their registration in time before the registration portal is closed. And once the portal is closed, it won't be reopened again for further registration exercise. I hope you find this article valuable? if you have any questions, you can ask via the comment box below.

19 Very important tips and advice for Corp members before orientation camp

NYSC orientation camp is quite fun to many graduates who have tasted the 21 days military drill and service to their dear nation. As much as there is fun out there, you still experience some crazy moments that make you want to regret why you went for service. During the National Youth Service Corp orientation camp, you get to meet a lot of people with different characteristics which you must learn how to associate and socialize with them. Your conducts, preparations, and way of life determine whether you will actually enjoy your stay at the National Youth Service Orientation camp or not.

nysc corp member

In one of my previous article here, I share 10 ways a college student can actually make money while in school. you can read that article as well. It is very interesting and educative.

Today you will read 20 important tips and advice you need to prepare yourself before leaving for the NYSC orientation camp. You need this pre-information to be able to settle comfortably at the camp and have fun.

1. Do not Look Stranded

This should be my first advice to you because a lot of people actually show how stranded they are out there at the orientation camp. This attitude affects your psychology which tends to make you feel sad and disturbed. Do not feel everything is strange to you before you found yourself in a new environment or situation. Remember everybody will be coming there for the first time too. So do not try to look different or make yourself feel different. Just socialize and be open minded then everything will be fine.

2. NYSC Slangs

Yes at the orientation camp, there is a slang name for calling corper and you need to get used to that. Do not feel insulted or offended when you are called such names because they are the normal slangs and you can't stop that. It is part of the fun. All corp members at the orientation camp are called Otondos or corper while the market is called Mami Market. Otondo means Mumu.

3. Dressing and dry cleaning services

Note that your 21 days stay at the NYSC orientation camp, you won't have the time to wash your clothes but don't worry, there are dry cleaners available. You pay at most N100 per cloth mostly N50. So in other to make things easy for you, just go with at least 7 white tops and shorts so that you only get to wash them during weekends.

4. Registration period

The registration at the orientation camp ends 12 midnight before the swearing in day. Make sure you do your registration promptly and remember to join the queue early. If you are not registered, you will be asked to leave the camp. Take note.

5. Dress code

The dress code at the NYSC orientation camp is strictly white and your nysc cap must be on your head at all times. You could face severe punishment from the soldiers if you fail to put on your cap.

6. Feeding

You are feed three times a day but don't expect it to taste like house food. If you want to eat good food that tastes like the one at home, then visit the mami market to buy one. Canteens and restaurants are available for those who have enough money to eat. You will also be given meal ticket which you will use to collect your food from the kitchen. Value them like you value your phone. If your ticket is lost, you will miss the meal for that ticket.

7. Adjustment of kahki

The management of National Youth Service Corps officially give out the following clothing. One kahki & adventure boot, belt and white canvass wear, two white tops, shorts, stockings. You can always get a similar pair for yourself. If you are not lucky, the kahki will be oversize or undersize but don't you worry, you can find someone to quickly exchange with or find a tailor to trim the kahki for you.

8. Be open-minded

Yes you need to be open-minded in the camp. You will get to meet a lot of people with different behaviors and characteristics. Learn to understand their differences and flow with them. Don't build tension by making trouble, quarreling, bear grudges and fighting. You will be punished severely by the soldiers for fighting. They have the right to discipline you at the orientation camp.

9. How to charge your phones

During your stay at the nysc orientation camp you will find places to charge your phones and electronic gadgets at the Mami market. All you need do is pay the required fee and pick it when it is fully charged. I will advise you not to carry many heavy gadgets in other not to be stressed up at the camp. You can buy a power bank for yourself if necessary.

10. Money management

If you don't know how to manage money, then you need to start learning now before leaving for your national youth service corp orientation camp. There is no ATM at the orientation camp so mind how you spend your money.

11. Water supplies

Water is always scarce in all part of Nigeria. Even when you think it is available, you will be surprised that it is not evenly distributed to everyone at a considerate time. Excuses like there is no light, the tank is not in good condition, the water pump develops a problem or the queue is too long. So prepare to always fetch your water and store for the next day. As for drinking water, you can buy sachet or bottled water to be on a safer side. Don't just drink any water because you are tasty to avoid cholera or other water-borne diseases.

12. Avoid contracting diseases

Try as much as possible to avoid contracting diseases at the nysc orientation camp. The bathrooms and toilets are always in terrible state. You can get a bucket for relieving yourself and also don't just drink any water you see.

13. Pocket money

You will be paid a sum of N1,500 allowance once you arrived at the camp as your pocket money. Another sum is paid after few days on camp which is called (First ALLAWI). So spend it wisely.

14. Everything is queue

Prepare your mind to queue up for anything you need at the nysc orientation camp. There is no big boy, big girl or aristos at the camp. You are there to learn how to discipline yourself so respect the soldier's rules. When it is lights out, you shouldn't be found moving around the camp.

15. Prepare for pit bucket

Just buy a small bucket you can use for relieve purposes when the toilets and pill zones are in a bad shape.

16. Respect the soldiers

The orientation camp is where you go to learn how to discipline and respect people. Don't expect to display your attitude in public for an accolade. Don't think you can dare the soldiers because your father is a rich man or top politician. Some soldiers are ruthless and they have the authority to deal with you in the name of discipline.

17. Respect camp rules

The nysc camp rules are there to be respected. Make sure you do respect them and follow their regulations. The orientation camp rules will be communicated to each of you in a hand booklet. Also prepare for Midnight Fire Drill and the Endurance Road Walk during your stay at the camp. Always switch off your phone when ask to do so. Especially when on parade ground, do not operate your phone or receive a call. It will be seized and destroyed immediately.

18. Poor accommodation

Rooms are always in poor state. Do not expect to sleep in a comfortable room because you will be jam-packed in a room to learn to accommodate people in a room. Feel free to sleep together in the same room without making trouble.

19. Fellowships to attend

You will also find different types of fellowship to attend. The three major fellowship associations that are well recognized are Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), Nigerian Anglican Corpers Fellowship (NACC) and Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN). They conduct morning devotion and weekly services. Other similar fellowship associations you can also find on campus includes the Catholics, Christ embassy, Redeemed, winners, deeper life fellowship etc.

I hope this article helps you out there as you prepare for your National Youth Service orientation camp. good luck out there otondo.

10 Ways college students can make money in school

As a college student, finding ways to make ends meet and keep your studies at the top is quite a challenge especially when you are an average student. It is not always easy for students who source for tuition fee themselves because most at times, you can't get a reliable job that pays a reasonable amount with just little of your time spent.

ways college students make money

Be that as it may, there are still some good ways out there you can use to make cool money while in school without putting your studies in jeopardy.

Here in this article, we shall discuss how to make money as a college student while in school.

1. Apply for scholarships and grants

Some colleges and universities have a lot of scholarship opportunities and grants for their students. In one of my blog post here on, I discuss why you need to start looking for scholarship opportunities before it's too late. This blog post will guide you and give you tips on how to get a successful scholarship grant while in school. Scholarship grants are free money given to a student by merit.

These grants are offered by Governments, NGOs, schools, charity organizations, religious centres etc. if you are awarded a scholarship, your other financial expenses won't be much if not eliminated.

2. Offer your services for cash

Like this popular adage that says "nothing goes for nothing" you can be offering your services and charge a fee. No matter how small it seems, with time it grows bigger. Most people don't appreciate free offers because they are not adequately done properly. So sell your services and make sure they are worth the price. During my time in college, I configure people's phones and laptops for free browsing and collect my fee.

I also type people's project and assignments, print their examination cards and course forms and they pay me well. Once you have the necessary equipment, you can even start it in the hostels.

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3. Organize tutorials in school

They say what you know is valuable and worth millions if you use it wisely. You can organize tutorials and teach people what you know that is valuable to them. If you know programming very well, website designing, video creation, and animation, photo editing, cartoon creation, how to bake bread, cakes and ceremonial cakes, excel and Peachtree, Corel draw etc. anything valuable is worth money.

You can teach them how to make money from the knowledge you are giving them. Just do it effectively and they will gladly pay for your services.

4. Open a Saloon on campus

If you are talented in making hair, doing nails or makeups, you should advertise your services to your course mates and offer them for a fee. You can be making a lot of money if you engage them properly. Get tips from what local saloon shops around you charge for the same services and then reduce your price such that you will still be making a profit.

Big events like Valentine's Day, beauty pageants, weddings etc will fetch you some cash. For the guys, you can adopt similar strategies and make you cash with hairstyle barbing. You can be giving guys dreadlocks, Olamide hairstyle, Korede Bello hairstyle etc.

5. Open a snack and Juice shop

If you are good at baking bread, cakes and juice making, you can take advantage of this and make a lot of money. People now prefer eating more of natural food than synthetic so a blend of juice on a cake will so much be appreciated by many. You can make doughnuts, bread, cakes etc and juice like soy milk, pineapple, orange, mango, carrots juice etc.

Post flyers with tantalizing pictures of the cakes, doughnuts, meat pie and juice to invite customers. Avoid selling things that will take too much of your time to prepare. Remember your studies need you more. You can read this article on how to make straight A's in school to maintain good grades while in school.

6. Look for tip jobs as a student

Most employers hire students in their workplace for a tip job. You need to let your employer know that you are a student and need just a part-time job to keep you going in school. You will be allowed to come around, do some quick job, receive a tip, then return to class for your studies.

You can be serving or tending to bars in restaurant, clubs or hotels. Never abandon your school just because you got a job that pays you well. It is never a wise idea. Unless you have a unique talent which is reliable and can sustain you without requiring a sound educational background.

7. Use your skills to make money

If you are skilled on a particular work like painting, building, welding and fabrication, CCTV installation, tiles fixing, roofing, room décor etc, the school will be comfortable in hiring their students than an outsider.

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8. Sell your stuff online

If you have a lot of unused properties, then you can make money with them by selling them on eBay and other online stores. You can also sell on Jumia and Konga to receive earnings. Or engage in affiliate marketing by helping other companies sell their products for a fee.

9. Use your car if you have one

Students who have cars in school can run a taxi service and earn some cash for the main time. You can take students to school and charge some money or run a town service. If you can register as an uber driver in the city, that's a big advantage for you.

10. Open a Video game house

I could remember when a corper who was serving in my place started a video game. It was a boom business to him until he passed out. So making money as a college student, you don't need to work very hard. Just work smart and hit the right strategy. That's all. I hope you find this information very useful? you can take your time to read other interesting articles here, like and share our articles with your friends. thank you.

When to start looking for scholarship opportunities

When looking for scholarship opportunities, it is very important to start searching early and meet up the deadline before the scholarship offer closes. Looking for scholarship opportunities may be quite tedious sometimes especially when you don't know the right place to search. So many scholarships grants are offered by schools, individuals, employers, private companies, communities, professional bodies, social organizations, religious sectors and non-profit organizations etc.

how to get scholarship school abroad

They all come with certain requirements and qualifications which must be met by the scholarship seeker. When looking for scholarship opportunities, you must consider the requirements in other to be on your way to success.

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There are so many scholarship opportunities to study within and outside your country which are offered to students who want to school abroad. These scholarship positions come in courses of study and have its requirements which students must meet to qualify for the offer. Below is information you need to know before looking for scholarship opportunities.

What are the available scholarship opportunities?

Scholarships are offered to a particular set of people based on some qualifications required by the scholarship giver. Some scholarships, especially in schools, are based on student skills, academic merit or both. This means you earn it by meeting the required academic standard set out by the giver of the scholarship.

This type of scholarship is awarded based on academic achievements or a combination of academics and special talent or unique trait. For example, a talented basketball player offered a scholarship to encourage his basketball talent combined with academics. While other scholarships are offered towards a particular group like a scholarship for people from a particular state, local governments or certain background for instance scholarship for families whose parents or relations work in an oil company or military.

How do I look for available scholarship grants?

You can look for scholarship opportunities in many ways. You can find about scholarships from friends and relations, check online websites that reports scholarship news, you can also read scholarship offers on newspapers and magazines. Scholarship offers can also be announced in community group meetings, social organizations as well as religious groups. Federal agencies, State grant agency, professional associations, your employer or school etc. But you should be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers.

Make sure the scholarship offers you receive are legitimate and do not require a fee from you. Any scholarship offer that requires an outrageous amount of money from the beneficiaries should be avoided.

When should I apply for a scholarship?

The duration to apply for scholarship opportunities and the deadline varies. But make sure you learn more about the scholarship you are planning to apply before you do. If you are in your final year in high school, then that is the right time to start looking for a reliable college scholarship. Know when a scholarship offer opens and when it closes before you apply. Keep a list of the type of scholarship grants you qualify for before you go ahead.

By so doing, your chances of getting a successful scholarship award will increase. Researching and applying for an available scholarship during the summer is an idea for a serious student but if you mistakenly missed it, don't quit, search for another scholarship offer and try your luck.

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How do I apply for scholarships?

Each scholarship has its own qualification and requirement from an applicant. To increase your chances of getting a successful scholarship award, you need to check the scholarship's website and study their requirement. Make sure you read and understand the requirement carefully before you go ahead to fill the application form and submit before the deadline.

Most scholarship grants take care of your tuition fee for the whole session, a semester or even your entire program. While other scholarship program award the beneficiary a sum of money that quantifies their school tuition fee.

How will I get my scholarship?

Getting your scholarship depends on the scholarship terms and condition. Although scholarships are a gift to the student and they don't need to be repaid. When you successfully won a scholarship award, how you receive your scholarship money depends on the scholarship.

It is either the money is sent directly to you by the issuance of the check or the money can be wired directly to your school financial department where it will be used to pay your tuition, fees and other expenses you incurred from the school before the remaining amount is paid to you.

Whichever the case, you will still benefit from the scholarship money. Because the scholarship provider tells you how your scholarship will get to you.

I hope you find this article useful? Please feel free to like and share it with your friends. Thanks.

How to get University admission without writing Jamb

Do you know you can actually get admission at the university even without your jamb result? A lot of students have been asking this same question whether they can gain university admission without writing jamb. Yes, it is possible that you don't have to pass your jamb exams before you go to the university.
get admission university without writting jamb

There are so many ways to get into the university without jamb result and they are legit. If you are one of the students struggling each year to make at least 200 scores in your jamb examination, then I am grateful to announce to you that I will show you how you can scale through the jamb hustle and go to the university you always dream of.

Jamb examination has been frustrating to many students out there especially those who don't prepare well before writing the exams.

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There is a saying that if you don't plan to succeed, then you are already planning to fail. There is a general belief from some students that you must have to write jamb before you get admission into the university. Some even believe that once you fail your jamb, there is no way you can further your education in Nigeria which is not true. Here I will be telling some of you who had this impression for long and keep on writing jamb for years without making the required scores how you can further your education without needing to get the required jamb score.

Instead of writing JAMB and POST UTME examinations every year and waiting for Jamb admission to no avail, you should rather opt for another method to gain admission into the university or further your studies to a higher level. Some of the most effective and legit ways to gain admission into the university without writing JAMB and POST UTME examinations include:

Gain admission through IJMB: 

IJMB means Interim Joint Admission Matriculation Board. This program is one of the effective ways to get admitted into the University without writing Jamb. The IJMB program doesn't require you to write jamb and get at least 200 scores before you gain admission at the university. When you attend the IJMB program which normally runs for a duration of 12 to 18 months you will be offered admission through direct entry provided you get the required points.

Most universities from Northern Nigeria and few West and Eastern regions of Nigeria also consider the IJMB result. Some of the popular universities that accept IJMB results from the East and West regions of Nigeria are University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun state, Ekiti State University, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, University of Ilorin, University of Ibadan, Abia state university etc. all you need do is merit your IJMB program and you will be admitted to the University.

National Open University of Nigeria: 

National Open University (NOUN) has admitted hundreds of thousands of students since her inception. Candidates who are offered admission into this institution are not required to write jamb. You also don't need any POST UTME exams before you will be given admission to read the course of your choice.

Many students have graduated from National Open Universities with their degree certificate and even went for the compulsory National Youth Service Corp NYSC programme for university graduates.
This tertiary institution is legit as far as Nigeria is concern. So if you want to study your degree course at NOUN, then follow the admission application procedure to obtain your admission form. You must meet the qualification requirement which is making at least 5 credits in your O level results.

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Gain admission through Cambridge A level Program: 

The Cambridge A level program is also one of the effective ways of getting admission into the university without writing Jamb. This program is organized within the school for a period between 12 to 18 months and at the end of the program, students are required to write examination and merit a certain grade before they can be offered admission. Upon merit, a student can apply to any other university and be admitted through direct entry.

Gain admission through HND:

With your Higher National Diploma, you can be admitted to some university to year two if you don't want to proceed with your NYSC. If you think you need a degree certificate instead of an HND certificate, then switching to the university is your best choice. Here you won't be required to write jamb before you will be admitted through direct entry.

Meanwhile, other ways that can help you gain admission into Nigerian universities without writing jamb are through Diploma, Special certificate and part-time programs organized within the school.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment and Salary Structure

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2018 portal may have been closed for this year, but there is still going to be another recruitment maybe next year or soon. For those candidates who missed out on the recent navy recruitment, all is not lost. You may be lucky next time when the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal is open for new applicants. Just keep to date with all the Nigerian navy news and watch out when next the Navy recruitment portal is opened again for registration.

 Nigeria navy recruitment portal

For those who are seeking to enroll for the Nigerian navy because you have heard a lot about their salary structure, here we provide you with an approximate salary structure of the Nigerian navy according to their ranks. We also give a little information about when the Nigerian Navy was established, how their Nigerian Navy officers are ranked, why you should apply for Nigerian Navy and also the requirement needed for applicants.

Here you go.

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Origin of Nigerian Navy: 

The Nigerian Navy is one among the arms of the Nigerian forces. The origin of the Nigerian Navy is traced back to the Colonial Marine Department of the then Royal Navy. The Royal Navy was established in 1887 before the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate to form Nigeria by Lord Frederick Lugard. It was established as a quasi-military organization with a combined role of carrying out port duties and also securing inland waterways of Nigeria.

It was the primary duty of the royal navy to provide protection to Nigeria, look after the ports, coastal approaches and provide harbor services to ships sailing across West Africa. This continued until after the Second World War in 1945 when Nigerians began to agitate for the establishment of Nigerian Navy. Then in 1956, the marine department was merged together to form the Nigerian Naval force which was later renamed Naval Defence Force (NDF) of Nigeria. You can read more of the history of the origin of the Nigerian Navy from the official website here

Nigerian Navy rankings: 

If you have always wanted to know how the Nigerian Navy ranks its officers, then surely you are on the right page. Below we listed the full ranks of the Nigerian Navy for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

For commissioned officers, there are 12 ranks which are as follows from the top to the lowest.

1. Admiral of the Fleet,

2. Admiral,

3. Vice-Admiral,

4. Rear Admiral,

5. Commodore,

6. Captain,

7. Commander,

8. Lieutenant Commander,

9. Lieutenant,

10. Sub-Lieutenant,

11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant,

12. Mid-Shipman.

While the Nigerian Navy Ranks for non-commissioned officers is arranged as follows: Here there are just 7 ranks for officers.

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer,

2. Chief Petty Officer,

3. Petty Officer,

4. Leading Rating,

5. Able Rating,

6. Ordinary Rating,

7. Trainee.

The Chiefs of Naval Staff is the highest ranking in the hierarchy of the Nigerian Navy force.

When Nigerian Navy recruitment commences: 

The Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise is organized from time to time whenever there is a vacancy to fill. The recruitment application registration form is released on the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal for applicants to visit and download the recruitment application form, fill and submit it as directed. All you need to do is keep yourself abreast on all Nigerian Navy news to know when recruitment forms are out.

The salary structure of Nigerian Navy: 

Here are the salary structures of the Nigerian Navy officers based on their ranking. This is just approximated earnings because the actual salary structures of navy may be slightly more or less than the amount listed here. So don't assume they are the actual amount stated here.

  • Admiral is paid over N16 million per year and that is over N1 million per month.
  • Vice Admiral receives about N13 million per year which is over N1 million per month.
  • Rear-Admiral earns over N12 million annually which is also around N1 million per month.
  • Commodore receives over N7 million a year which means they are paid over N600, 000 per month.
  • Captain receives close to N4 million per year that is around N300, 000 per month.
  • Commander receives over N3 million yearly which translates to over N250, 000 per month.

These are the highest ranking officers and their salary structure in the Nigerian Navy. Please note that these amounts maybe accurate or slightly different from the original salary structure but it at least gives a hint of how much they collect at the end of the year and month.

Why Join the Nigerian Navy: 

The Nigerian Navy is one of the most prestigious and sought jobs ever in Nigeria. Everybody is striving to be a Navy officer because of their respect and prestige. They are been paid a lot as your rank grows higher, your annual salary also increases. The navy officers also enjoy some benefits and allowances aside their salary. This makes their job very attractive to most applicants.

Qualification required

The Nigerian Navy recruitment is most times open to both graduates and undergraduates and all you have to do is meet up with the qualification stated on the Nigerian Navy portal then follow the recruitment guide carefully. The requirements for Nigerian navy recruitment is always listed boldly on the navy recruitment portal and most at times, they include the following requirement which it is expected that all applicants must dully meet up with.

Candidates with the following defects are not allowed to apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment:

  • Previous Orthopaedic Operation, 
  • Is short-sighted, 
  • have ear problem, 
  • have a flat foot, 
  • fracture, 
  • a stammered person, 
  • a less than required height (at least 1.70 metres for male and 1.67 metres for female), 
  • any natural disability. 

Other requirements includes: 

  • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level, 
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND), 
  • Secondary School Certificate with at least 5 credits. (WAEC, NECO or GCE), 
  • The WAEC City and Guilds or The London City and Guilds.

How to Join the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exercise? 

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11 benefits for attending public universities or colleges

Public and private universities always have a poor understanding when it comes to academic studies. Public universities are sometimes regarded as universities for the poor, less privilege or those who don't have enough money to send their wards to better schools. Most of the public universities are cheap with a large number of applicants and some rigorous entry procedures.

cheap and affordable public university

While private universities on the other hand are believed to be universities for the rich people with quality educational standard and a lot of educational resource and facilities for students to learn quickly. But to be candid with you, this is not the reality because the aforementioned claims are far from the truth. 

There is a reason why a majority of students from Nigeria prefer to be admitted to a public university than the private university. The advantages of attending a public university far overweight than its disadvantages.

According to statistics from Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, over 95% of JAMB candidates seek for admission into public universities every year with Federal Universities carrying a large number of this percentage while just a few seek to be admitted into private universities with just a few numbers of them honouring their admission when given.

The reason is that there are a lot of benefits for students who attend public universities than those who go to private universities. Some of these reasons include the followings. 

Brings out the Best in You: 

Attending public university brings the best out of you due to the rigorous training and activities you undergo. The rigorous entry processes you face, battle it and overcome when seeking admission into a public university build you into a strong character. You are faced with competitions when writing your JAMB, Post UTME exams and finally getting admitted until you graduate from the university.

These types of healthy competition make you strong and capable of handling any difficult task assign to you. Not like private universities which all you have to do is buy admission form and you gain admission. No struggling or competition so it makes it difficult to admit the best students.

Quality standard of education:

It is no doubt that public universities provide standard education to students than private universities. The academic standard of a public university is top-notch because they have the best educational facilities for teaching, doing research works, projects, practical and other educational activities. As a student, you stand to benefit a lot from this type of school because the better the standard of education from the school, the better educational knowledge you gain from the school.

Healthy competition:

Students from public universities tend to find themselves in a healthy competitive environment. With a large population in the class, every student competes to get the best result. This competitive desire makes student eager to read, do research and challenge each other in debates and quiz. When a student makes straight A's in their courses, others take that as a challenge and strive to make similar results too. This type of healthy competition also creates enabling ground for students to be business minded.

Less expensive:

Attending a public university is less expensive than attending a private university. You can spend less than a million naira throughout your degree programme in a public university and come out with a good grade. Public universities often offer low tuition fees for students within the state and they can be lucky to get scholarship grants at the same time. Although not all private universities are very expensive as popularly stated.

Large population and extracurricular activities:

Majority of public universities have a large population of students from different part of the country. This type of population is good because students come together to learn a different aspect of their lives. It creates opportunities and brings different personalities available on campus and some friends you meet can turn your life around.

Diversity is good for students because they have the opportunity to make new friends from different part of the country and also engage in some extracurricular activities on campus that improves their personal lifestyle. It enhances social development in students and prepares them for future career success.

On campus, I was able to meet some friends that taught me how to play the piano, read music and also play basketball. I also joined a reading group that tremendously improved my reading skills. 

Reputation in the certificate:

The quality standard of education attained from public universities reflects on the certificate they award their students after graduation. University certificates are awarded in character and learning which means a third class student from a reputable public university is favoured in the labour market than a first-class student from a private university with little or no reputation.

It is a trite knowledge that a graduate of public schools stand out in competition than a graduate from private schools due to the rigorous competition and work they go through their academic programs.

An extensive list of academic programs:

Public universities offer a larger list of academic programs to study than private universities. This is good for students because it makes it possible for some students to change their course to another program while in school. Students find it easy to search for the courses they are interested in and how they want to build their academic career.

Huge market environment:

Huge market opportunities are found in public universities than private universities due to their population. Students who want to make money while undergoing their university programs can easily do that in public university. With the population in public schools, you can run a computer centre close to the campus, a bookshop, recharge card printing and sell business, food vendor business etc. you will make a lot of money with less work to do.

Large networking opportunities:

Large public universities create a large networking opportunity for students to socialize and learn from one another. You get to know people that help bring out the best in you by socializing and interacting with people with intelligence. The idea of Facebook, Google and Amazon were discovered and initiated during their school days. You also find useful organizations that are very impactful to your life after school.

Student organizations sometimes bring industry leaders to campus to speak to students, professors also invite their colleagues to lecture students in the class. If you play your cards respectfully well, you may get to know dignitaries that will improve your lots in future.

Job opportunities:

With the reputation of some public universities due to the hardworking and industrious graduates they have been producing for some time, many companies come to campus seeking future interns and employee for the companies. Students can be introduced to these organizations and companies through introductions from their professors or by meeting their employers at career fairs.

Active Athletic programs:

Many public universities have active athletic programs and activities that keep the students energetic and healthy. Students who like sports like basketball, handball, football and other sports find their like minds in school and make friends. Some engage in NUGA games and get the opportunity to become world stars through sports.

Seyi Olofinjana a Nigerian former footballer who also plies his trade in Europe was a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) in Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Meanwhile, these benefits are not exclusive to public universities because you can find few of these benefits even at some reputable private universities. But you can expect to see a majority of these opportunities coming from public universities due to the reputation they have built for some time.


Although we are not trying to say that public university is better than private universities, we urge you to weigh your options carefully and decide which type of university will offer you the best opportunity to succeed in your career. I you guys find this article very useful. Please feel free to like and share it with your friends. thanks.

Why develop a habit of reading as a student

Developing a habit of reading is very necessary if you want to be erudite and brilliant as a student. Ever wonder why some students get straight As in school while others struggle to pass their papers? The simple reason is never far fetched. It is never magic nor miracle but how you condition your brain to think fast, solve problems and come out with the right answer much faster than others do.

reading habits

The brain is elastic and stretches as long and broad as you use it. The reason why some students seem to be more brilliant than others is that they are not using their brain why the former use theirs every day. 

Reading frequently expands your knowledge and brain perfectly because you feed the brain with new things and thoughts that create long lasting impression such that when you encounter similar issues it already know how to proffer the right solutions. One of my articles on explains how to develop a habit of reading perhaps you should read it too. 

Below I will be writing about why every student must develop a reading habit to excel in school. Developing reading habit in students should be taken seriously as this is one characteristic that is lacking is most school students these days. 

1. Reading improves your way of Thinking

Reading frequently and more interesting textbooks help you develop your thinking capacity. As you read, the words sink into your subconscious mind which is stored in your brain box. Whenever a problem triggers your brain for a solution, any text you read before that falls in line and is likely to be the solution to the problem at hand, your brain brings it out to your thought.

You then decide what to write and say or do at that moment. When you develop the habit of reading wide, any kind of questions been asked even outside your course outline, you should be able to trigger your brain and bring out something to say or write. 

2. Makes you a problem solver

Reading a lot makes you solve a lot of problems that come your way. Problem solvers are great readers as well. When reading, you come across people's problems and how they were able to solve them and as they reoccur to you someday in life, you should be able to use your experience and find a solution to the pressing issue at hand. I personally have read a lot of James Hardly Chase novels which are mostly fictional but very interesting. These texts particularly have helped me in so many ways to solve most of my problems both in life and academics. As a student, you need to develop the interest in reading not only your school textbooks but those books in any field of study. 

3. Sharpen your horizon

Developing a habit of reading also helps to sharpen your horizon by increasing your limit of knowledge and understanding. When you received information and send it to your brain, it should be able to read and interpret it to your mind and make you understand what it is. All this can be developed through reading and understanding which when done frequently, becomes part of your lifestyle. 

4. Makes you a better person

The habit of reading when it became cultured in your life, improves the type of person you were. As you read, you discover people's flaws, their mistakes and errors in life then try to avoid such mistakes in real life. For example, reading one's biography make you determined to be like them or replicate their positive lifestyle. 

5. Makes you discipline

The attitude of reading makes you a disciplined person in life. When you develop a reading habit, it helps to correct, mould and train your mental faculty into a perfect moral character. You set up a tasked and execute them exactly which makes you become an accomplished person in life. 

6. Brightens your knowledge

Ever wonder why some students are brighter than others? It is the amount of reading they do that develops their knowledge. When you read books, you improve your knowledge in so many fields and that makes your brain comprehend easily when you come across similar subject matter your read from a book before. 


So when trying to develop and achieve your academic success, then you need to develop a reading habit. By so doing, your brain gets accustomed to reading books and understanding them quickly. Your body system also develops a reading comfort zone that makes it possible for you to read without feeling sleepy or tired all the time. I hope this info helps? please feel free to comment, like and share this article with your friends. Thanks.

How to develop a habit of Reading

Developing a habit of reading is one among the most important attitude to possess if you want to excel in your academic studies. Been a student or studying at a university college is a dream to most aspiring candidates out there but just only a few are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to be there.

develop habit of reading

Developing reading habit as a student makes you feel comfortable when reading and preparing for your exams. This attitude also makes your brain sharper and quicker to respond and comprehend sentences that other people find difficult to read and understand. It also develops you and brightens your horizon in terms of versatile knowledge. Ever wondered why lawyers and professors are erudite in knowledge? It is because they possess knowledge that is learned by continuous studying and they do that through the habit of reading.

Reading is a culture you develop in you until it becomes part of your lifestyle. It is not inherently born in any person. Here in this article, we shall be discussing how to develop a habit of reading as a student. In one of my previous article here on myschoolbam I discussed reasons why you should develop the habit of reading while in this article you are reading, i will show you exactly how to develop that reading habit in you if you have been wondering how to build a reading culture that becomes part of your lifestyle, then follow this steps below meticulously and then you achieve success. 

So how to develop a reading habit?

Develop the habit of reading

Habit is anything you usually do regularly and it becomes part of you. When it becomes part of your routine activities you can't forget doing it. You feel very unease when you haven't done it. For example when you wake up without brushing your teeth, you feel everything is not okay until you brush your teeth. So developing the habit of reading until it becomes part of your daily activity is very important.

Make time for reading everyday

To get comfortable with your reading habit, it is very important to create reading time every day. It could be thrice or twice a week but make sure your schedules for reading are comfortable enough and nothing stands in your way. When you do this at your comfort, reading everyday gradually becomes your habit. 

Select Interesting Books

When developing a reading habit, you need not indulge in books that aren't interesting. They will kill your reading urge. Read interesting books that crave your desire to keep reading more and more. Select motivational books, fictional novels like James Hardly Chase, science and non-fiction or some best sellers of any particular year and read. Do not just read any book you see just because you want to develop a reading habit. You should have a target by reading books your mentors are reading, read motivational novels or read books that concern your area of specialization or where you wish to major in school.

Don't pocket your book

Well statistics shows that 95% of students who pocket their books at the back pocket of their trousers don't read that often. If you want to develop a reading habit, you don't need to show the world that you like reading. Most students always try to impress their friends how much of a reader they are. They move around with their textbooks and school novels shelving it at the back of their pockets while walking in a majestic move just to let people see how they are serious with their books. You don't need that attitude to build a habit of reading. Just to your books to a comfortable and quiet place to read and understand.

Join reading club or group

To spice your reading desire, you should join a reading club in your school. Reading most at times become too boring when you don't have someone to share your experience with. Joining a reading club or group will let you make new friends of the same interest that will suggest other interesting books for you to read. You also meet intelligent people to share your views, ideas, plans and secrets of reading and comprehending. Reading club makes you develop reading habit in you quickly.

Create reading space

Creating reading space means creating a well-ventilated and lighted area for your reading comfort. You can't enjoy reading in a stuffy stinking room full of dirt and dust. You need a well arranged room with a comfortable reading chair, table as tall as your chest level to maintain a good reading posture, and a reading lamp. You will enjoy reading in such kind of environment.

Write down and memorize important points

Reading and writing down important points help you grab whatever you are reading quickly. It is also important when you keep clues or memorize your points as you read. In my school, what we normally do to recall what we read is by calling our friends or places the names we found strange and difficult to remember in our reading text. Like the word locus in quo which means "the scene of an event" we decide to call a close by refreshment join Locus in quo in other to keep the word abreast in our memory. This kind of attitude develops your desire to read and discover new words and meaning.

Make a list of books to read

Great successful people in the world read a lot of books and keeps records of the books they read. Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett all kept records of the books they read every year. Warren Buffett was once asked about the key to success and he said while pointing to a stack books "Read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it". Buffett's reading habit took him to the extreme of his success. He devotes about 80 percent each day for reading. You can develop your reading culture through this way.

Set your reading goals

Setting reading goals means mapping out what you want to achieve by developing the habit of reading. During my secondary school days, I developed a jamb reading time table for reading my books as I was preparing for my JAMB. After reading, I practiced the Jamb questions and answers and mark it to see how I will score. When I score less than expected, I would try again to aim a higher score. I did this until it became part of me and my strategy of reading and preparing for my exams.

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Set that reading goal for yourself and strive to achieve that. As you strive to do that, you are building a long lasting reading habit in you that will sustain and make you successful in every other thing you do. These are how to develop a reading habit that will make you excel in your studies in school. I hope you enjoyed reading this article please feel free to like and share it.